I Am Awake.


Disappeared for a while. Fell in love. Had my heart broken. I am awake. I am back in the desert where I was born. I have a headache. I wonder what happens when we die. My mind wanders to an ex-lover and Siberia. They are in no way connected. Except for the cold. I shut my eyes against it. Open them again. I wasn't sure what day it was when I woke up this morning. I left twice before remembering. My glitchy brain sincere. Thinking. Thinking. Always thinking....


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Living itself is something to think about!
we just wake up everyday in on this ball of water travelling through the space we have no idea about.
So small that it frightens me!
Sometimes it is just funny to just look around, as I always say '' CRAZY WORLD ''

May the thinking never cease and the progress come easier.

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Thinking is good, but try to live in the present and not Dwell in the past.

Welcome back hope your heart is stolen again...

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I liked @frankthebunny can you chat with me WhatsApp

Welcome back to the Steem Community! Feel free to jump in to our Steem Community based Discord Server, PAL anytime and say hello! https://discord.gg/xJd8nyp

Love is a strange thing....
Welcome back 🎀

I am waiting your reply @frankthebunny