Kingdom Season 2 Review

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Hello everyone i hope you are doing great!

As most of us spending their time in our beloved homes cause of the quarantine, we need to do new things to kill time. I for example among other things, started again to watch movies,series and anime and i am ready to post my reviews here as well!

So the first one i watched was Kingdom. This one is an excellent Korean/Netflix production series that aired during January 2019 and since then i was waiting for the second season. Season 2 aired about 15 days ago (March 13) and it was even better than the first one.

Plot Without Spoilers

Without giving away many details we are talking about an era in which kingdoms exist and the technology isn't advanced. In other words swords,light guns,poverty an ill king and many that wanna take his throne are part of this story.

season 1 trailer

A mysterious plague takes place in the kingdom....a plague with zombies! nobody knows exactly who and what started it but the only certainty is that if they bite you, you will become one of them. After witnessing this the crown prince decided to do something and began his search, regarding the cause of all of this chaos!

Season 2 Review

----Minor Spoilers Ahead----

Now that i warned you let's move on to the second season of this great show. So according to what both us and the characters of the show knew, the zombies die by cutting or destroying their heads, afraid of fire and that they attack only on night.

Well guess again....

During the finale of season 1 what we all learned was that sunlight does actually nothing to them. Instead the heat and when we are talking about daylight it's the temperature that makes them retreat. In other words if it's cold outside during the!

season 2 trailer

We also get to see many awesome fight scenes but these fight scenes come with their loses. What i mean by this is that many characters that you may not expect die, something that makes the show a bit more realistic in my eyes. As the same time there is the other side, the political one in which we see what the queen and the chancellor are doing to take the crown. Also, we finally learn more about their past and their relation with the zombies, what caused that outbreak and what info some of them already knew.

What I Really Liked

Honestly, this show went for great to fucking awesome. First of all, the whole zombie outbreak in that era is creative by itself. We get to see how people that don't have the technology, weapons and medicine we have now are trying their best to survive.

Furthermore, i really liked the development of the characters. In season one many of them were a bit immature, cared more for themselves or things like money and fame but under that threat we get to see a big change in their hearts and mindsets. The fight scenes blew me away as well. Just imagine that half of the episode 1 of the second season is a fight scene!

Finally, i have said it many times but i will say it as many as i need to! I have watched movies and series from way too many countries and still i think that the majority of Korean actors are at a whole other level and that makes their shows way way better. They are like the salt we put on foods. Without it the food is okish but adding just a bit makes the dish way better!

I kept the best for last! Given how it ended i am placing my bets in another upcoming season!

Overall Score

IMDb Score 8.7/10

My Score 9/10

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