Tower Of God Anime Review

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I am really really excited for this post as i was waiting way to long to write it! The reason is that one of my favorite manga or to be correct " manhwa" cause it's Korean got animated! I am talking about the one and only Tower Of God which is considered one of the best Manhwa out there!

Info that Nobody Cares

So as i said this came from Korea and not Japan and is one of the most popular manhwa in Webtoon! It aired during April 2 and sadly it will have only 13 episodes. I guess this is because they wanna test and see how it will go. The licencor is Crunchyroll one of the most popular anime sites and the studio behind is the Telecom Animation Film (known for Lupin).The genres are fantasy, mystery,action,adventure and it gives a hunter x hunter vibe.


The plot may seem a bit weird but trust me it gets way better as time passes! So we got a boy named Bam who lived beneath a tower and meets a girl name Rachel. Those 2 are the only ones there and from the beginning they seem to get along and become friends.

One day the Tower's door open and Rachel get inside but Bam manages to open the door as well. Note that the in order to get inside you have to be "invited" but Bam got without an invitation so keep that in mind!

So the goal is to pass trials and reach each floor of the tower in order to have your wish granted by the king. That's what Rachel aim is but Bam just wanna find her! From this moment on get ready for many mind games, mystery, fights and tons of characters!

What I Like

First and foremost i have to let you know that i have read the entire manhwa (474+ chapter) and keep reading it cause it's ongoing so i think my opinion matters a bit :P The amount of imagination and plot behind it is outstanding. The characters we introduced are way too many and all pretty cool and the possibilities are endless.Honestly, the creator has done a pretty good job in building this universe.

Also regarding the fights and fight scenes, get ready for many and i mean many fights and when one is over a whole new arc of fighting will emerge!

What I Dislike

The only thing i dislike is the animation. I don't like that much the animation style but still it may be because all this years i imagined it way better? or because i haven't got used to it yet? I really don't know but till the 13 episodes my opinion should be taken lightly



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