What We Do in the Shadows Review

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What We Do in the Shadows is a 2019 comedy series about vampires and how they live in 21 century. Season 1 that came out during 2019 had 10 episodes, each one of them from 20 to 30 minutes long. Also a couple of weeks ago the season 2 started, which will also have 10 episodes but as of now that i am writing this review only 3 of them are out! (in a couple of hours the 4 one will be out as well!)


In a big house located in Staten Island we get to meet 4 vampires living together for over 100 years. One of them is Nandor who was once a fierce warrior of the Ottoman Empire that has killed many and also had way too many wives. Till now he keeps his belief about how cool he is and also has a "familiar" that always mistreats. A familiar is basically a human that do whatever the vampire or "master" tells him from cleaning to finding virgins (i know that's hard :p) with a goal to become vampire as well when his master deem so.

In the mansion there is also a couple, Laszlo and Nadja which really love each other and stuff :P Those 3 are the typical vampires with their own backstories, they can turn into bats, use mind-control, have extraordinary raw power among other cool and tricky things.

But there is also one more vampire and i dare to say, a brand new species that all of you may have come across once in your life. Yes People this vampire lives among us and can go out during daylight! His name is Colin Robinson and he is an energy vampire!

What does an energy vampire do you may wonder? Well it doesn't suck blood like all the over vampires but instead it sucks your energy but in a funny way. He is that type of co-worker that talks about boring and boring things all time. The more you get bored and tired the more energy he gets from you. Therefore he drains your energy out by make you feel dead of boredom!

Why to Watch It

Except the fact that it's a comedy with vampires, the graphics are actually good and we get to see way too many "known cliche" about vampires,werewolves etc etc presented in a funny way. There is also one main plot behind this show which i am not gonna reveal much now, but there is a very old and strong vampire that gave them the task to conquer the land they are on!

Furthermore, even though they live so many years they can't seem to be that adaptive to the whole era so it's really funny how they interact with other people and how they go out dressed like!

There is also one pretty awesome episode (episode 9 if i am correct) that is absolutely amazing. If you have watched other vampire films you gonna definitely love this one. Just imagine that the average rating per episode is 8.1 and this one has 9.4!

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