Batman #41 review; Everybody loves ivy

4년 전

Written by tom king and art by mikel janin

This is a spoiler free review , so there is going to be a lot of praising done

First person i am going to praise and really the star creator for this issue is the artist ;Mikel Janin. I have followed his development ever since his run on new 52's justice league dark, i got say i'm still very impressed by his artwork...its even more impressive when you realise he traces over 3D models, his art looks like the telltale games come to life.simply amazing

On this book, he manages to capture excellently the power of ivy, i can say for a fact that he draws the best poision ivy ever. The colours as well,really striking. Rarely do we see a tom king book that the artist outperforms him, this is one

Now to tom king the writer , really didnt have too much to do in this book but he has presented ivy in a the most powerful form we've seen, and for a character who dosent get a lot attention, she definitely deserves this, and love that the book opens with both batman and catwoman asleep together futher solidfying their engagement.

Stay tuned for more reviews and my article on how to read comic books online

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