Spoiler free Batman White Knight #5 Review; This series keeps impressing

4년 전

Batman white knight is an example of how comic book writers should mix politics into comics correctly. Complaints have been constantly made by fans over writers mixing their personal agenda into these so called 'SJW' books, a very good example is marvel's recent company wide event : secret empire..but i'm not here to talk about that (story for another day)
The book has been intringuing right from the day it was announced with its premise,Dc currently have been doing bloody well in their elseworlds miniseries,the just concluded nightwing new order is also a well written story (make sure to check it out)
The most impressive thing about the book is suprisingly not the art (which is exceptional by the way ), its the bold approach it takes with the batman lore, never in my wildest dreams did i think that a book about batman being the villian and joker being kinda the good guy would be well recieved amongst batman fans, big props to sean g. Murphy for this, rarely do we see artists write books that are half this good and its double work for him as the book is drawn by him! Noo need to talk much about the art, its sean murphy, you can expect the art to be phenomenal and nothing short of that, though i think this could really benefit from a black and white directors cut, murphy has one of those shadowy arts that really dosent need to be coloured , the black and white is just perfect!
I hope DC adopts the two harley quinn story into the canon DCU, tho thats hugely unlikely as there are currently 3 jokers running around in the DCU!
Final score; 9/10

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