League of Legends - Review

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League of Legends

League of legends is a 5v5 MOBA multiplayer online battle arena. With 3 lanes: top, bottom, and mid. There are also two jungles where you find monsters if you kill them you get gold. You can also kill enemy minions and enemy champions. There are way over 50 characters called champions. Different champions go different lanes depending on there abilities.

To use abilities you click Q W E R. When you level up you can get another ability. At level 6 you can get R .You will see towers. They attack you so only go to towers to destroy them. When minions are in the tower the tower will attack the minions first. Minions also destroy towers. You can go against people and bots. You start out with a starter. You do the tutorial. If you win it you get 3,000 essence so you can get other champions. The newer the more essence they cost .

monsters in the jungle


One of them is Gromp. He's a giant frog. There are raptors. Cerberus. A giant bug named Harold. And a sand worm called baron Nashor. Oh and red buff. I cant think of any others. This league talk might end soon .There
are things champions say. Like Yi he says "The key to immortality is to not die" .Poppy says "I hope the hero likes me". All of them say something I just cant remember them. League is a 5 v 5 multiplayer game that works on windows. You can run the game on Linux using Lutris. Lutris is a gaming app on Linux that uses wine to make windows games work on Linux.

Favourite Champions


Poppy's my favourite champion. She has a hammer with outstanding power. She was sent out to give the hammer to a hero who needs it. But she's the hero.


My second favourite. Is Rumble. He has a mech. Lots of Yordles bullied him because he was small and lived in a junkyard because of them. In his super galaxy skin. He went to space to get the tech he needed to save Bandal City from a attack. He came back and Bandal City was Ruines. He could have saved it, but he was too late.

My third is uh I do
not no. Sirvir no. Yi no. Tristana no. Graves no. Tahlia no no not her. I do not know so just poppy and rumble so .

That's all
for today thank you for reading write to you next time. On League my user name is electroblade if you want to play with me bye.

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