Book Review: Micah. A side story between books 11 and 12 of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton

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Micah is a short story only about 70 pages-ish. It is written purely for the fans to learn a bit more about Micahs past. Anita has to take one of Larrys jobs and needs to fly to Philadelphia to raise a zombie for the FBI, and she takes Micah with her as a means for feeding the ardeur. The FBI agent in charge recognises Micah because he was the federal agent who was there to take Micahs testimony when Micah was attacked and turned into a lycanthrope. Seeing a person from that time in his life brings back long buried memories which he divulges to Anita in the privacy of their hotel room later.

Micah went hunting with his cousin and uncle and his dad was meant to join but got called on for police work. A serial killer were-leopard who enjoyed killing hunters, it had made sure to wait till after his quarry had killed something be it a doe, stag of wildfowl, before striking them.

Micahs cousin and uncle did not survive but Micah had.

We also find out that he had a younger brother and sister and that his dad was a Sherriff. Also that he was all but engaged to a high school sweet heart that Micah becoming a lycanthrope had been the straw that broke the camel’s back with their relationship. They had waited till after she had turned 18 before having sex because her sister had ruined her life by becoming pregnant in high school.

So over a year since they began dating Micah and his sweet heart are virgins at 18 and Micah being extremely well endowed with not just length but girth. He had not wanted to hurt her but it was simply a side effect of what he was. After she ended it with him he went to college and some girls in college would simply see his size and just grab their clothes and nope the hell out. This left some major psychological scars on him.

So with all this we get to learn more about the how and why he loves Anita and is willing to put up with her many hang ups and neuroses. He doesn't mind policework and ruthlessness because his dad is a cop and it was her ruthlessness that saved him from Chimera, his old alpha. Also Anita never looked at his gear and told him to point it elsewhere, Anita never asked for Micah to be careful or hold back. So these things mixed with the magic of his and her beast being able to wind through each other’s body are the reasons that Micah loves Anita.

Now back to the reason they are in Philadelphia. Anita goes to raise the zombie only to have the zombie treat one of the lawyers as if the lawyer was responsible for his death. The lawyer was being paid off by the mafia and had hired a hit to kill Anita to stop her from raising the zombie. She nearly dies but makes a miraculous recovery impossible for joe-blog humans so the doctor got her bloods tested and finds some oddities.

  • Anita is a carrier of the lycanthrope disease but not a lycanthrope herself. Previously thought to be impossible.
  • Anita is carrying multiple strains of lycanthropy, also thought to be impossible.
  • Anita is carrying two obvious strains, wolf and leopard, but also two other strains, Lion (possibly from Chimera) and an unknown strain (I believe it is likely to be snake also from chimera since were-snakes are super rare).


This is a nice light read. I managed to get through it in a half day without really trying.
Is it necessary to read to understand the rest of the series? No
Was it an enjoyable read? Yeah, and that's all that matters


I'll be reviewing the rest of the book called Strange Candy next.

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