Moto X3M Winter: An absolutely thrilling ice racing game


This is just wow. Literally took me a while to achieve the target in the task. For the major part of it, i enjoyed the game. You know that 'never give up' spirit that i've got.(winks)


Saying Moto X3M Winter is a fun game is an understatement. It is absolutely thrilling and engaging. From the moment I got on it, I glued. Did I even care I was on a quest to review this for review hunt?. Absolutely not.

You should try it out. It's a racing game that arms you with different abilities like power jump, flipping and all as you race through the ice.

Plus, you don't need to download any app. Just visit the website below and enjoy yourself.

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  ·  작년

I’m playing too

  ·  작년

this really took my time this eve

One of the very few bike games I like