NESTREE: A blockchain based community messaging platform



Okay, so this is like an easy version of keybase I downloaded sometime ago. But really, the truth is I find this intuitive without any complexities navigating the UI unlike the other one despite being a blockchain based messaging app.

Nestree as a blockchain based messaging app rewards both community managers and members for their active participation on the app. The platform poses as an advanced way of managing community groups and messages. All these while compensating users of the platform.


This platform is not just limited to crypto enthusiasts, anybody from any field can build a home on nestree. All that matters is the community engagement and its moderation because it is primarily built for different communities.

As a new comer to nestree who aims to be part of a community or start a community, it's so easy to get onboard. All you need to do is
Download the app from Playstore or Appstore

Sign up with your mobile number
Enter your verification code
Begin to explore different communities, create your wallet and ave your private keys. Because that is where your EGG will be stored. EGG is the native currency of the platform that you earn for your active participation.





So, guys, download the app and see for yourself the awesome community based app.

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It's a nice app. I just joined today.


I'm sure you would have a nice time there


Exactly, so easy to navigate

The app looks really cool, nice app for community engagement.

This is a cool review



Am a member, I must say is a nice app which you can use to interact with likes individual. The reward part makes it awesome.


Yes, the reward is the icing on the cake

This is cool. Nice one


Thanks dear

i made cool friends there


Me too

  ·  작년

Tried it out this morning and it was quite cool

This is cool

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Still finding my way around it

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Its a very . fun app to interact