Hello Dear Steemians,
I was away for a while because of my job and when I was back to Steemit a few weeks ago, I saw a great platform called Review.Hunt.Town.

It was launched 01.29.2020 (today) and I am really excited to see it.

Review Hunt Town is a platform for both makers and hunters.
It is a marketing hub and it achieves missions for your surveys, products, marketing content, social channels, app reviews and more.
There are 25 000 + influencers from more than 150 countries and by them and Reviewhunttown, you can easily achieve your goal.
If you are a maker, you can create quest(s).
If you are a hunter,you can complete quest(s) and get rewarded, itmeans you will get paid for joining and completing simple tasks.

You will recieve your rewards 4 hours later, when your submission is approved.
Its interface is easy-use and simple.

When you create a quest, if you use hunt tokens, you won't pay any fees.

Hunter account and maker account was separated in the Beta Period, and now you only need one account for being hunter or maker.

Beta Period exists for 5 months and in this period 10 514 quests were performed.

You can find 17 fun and simple marketing quests on the new one and you can totally earn 80.1 $ from them. (Don't miss this opportunity)

Team keeps promoting Reviewhunt and for sure more quests will be created in the future.
In the Beta Period, for rewards, hunters had to wait until the campaign is finished, but as I mentioned above, you will get your reward when your submission is moderated and apprived. (after 4 hours)

If you need review content, subscriber, follower, you can run quests such as appstore review, survey, channel boost, download activities as a maker.

It also has a referral system and you can earn hunt token, if other users sign up via your referral link.

Here is Reviewhunt's link
Highly apreciated if you register via my link
Best Wishes

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