Reviewhunt Enters Open Beta, Referral Program

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Today, we are thrilled to announce that we’re moving to the Open Beta stage, and have also officially kicked-off our new referral program for Reviewhunt - Invite New Hunters and Makers, Get CONSTANTLY paid!

Check out the Amazing One Week Traction

Before introducing our revolutionary referral program, we’d like to show you how attractive the Reviewhunt platform is so that you can encourage your friends to sign up.

Reviewhunt is a marketing hub to build comprehensive early-users through serial quest missions. A total of 828 social channels with a combined total of over 5.2 million followers have already been registered, and 430 hunters have signed-up and are running 736 quests all within just 10 days of the launch.

Screenshot 2019-08-12 15.08.33.png

The 10 days impressive traction shows that Reviewhunt will become a far more attractive marketing channel than major ad platforms, such as Facebook, in terms of building early users. Let’s check out BUZZi’s case to see why.

BUZZi, a reward based UGC to commerce platform, has started a review campaign with a total budget of $3,400, and so far $472.94 of that budget (13.9%) has been used. These are the results from spending just $472.94.

  • A total of 171 hunters downloaded the app.
  • 27 of those hunters (15.8%) wrote reviews on the Play Store.
  • 39 of the 171 hunters (22.8%) made product review content via Youtube, Instagram, Steemit, etc.

Screenshot 2019-08-12 15.12.50.png

Facebook has the following funnel conversion rate and cost (reference - WordStream, June 2019):

  • Ad exposure > Click-through (CTR, 0.9%) > Conversion (CVR, 9.21%)
  • Cost per Click (CPC) = $1.72

With this data, we can calculate how much you need to spend on Facebook to get the same number of downloads as below:

  • 206,298 Ad exposures > 1,857 clicks (0.9%) > 171 downloads (conversion, 9.21%)
  • Total cost = 1,857*$1.72 = $3,193.49

In short, BUZZi paid just 1/7th of the Facebook Ad cost to get the same downloaded users. Also as an added benefit, through Reviewhunt quests 15.8% and 22.8% of the downloaded users wrote app reviews on Play Store and created product review content on their social channels. Based on our experiences, less than one percent of the converted users from Facebook Ads make reviews.

Meet the Revolutionary Referral Program

The biggest benefit of this decentralised world is that everyone’s contribution can be linked with the growth of the platform/community/ecosystem by a well-structured token economy. We have been thinking about how we can connect the new referral program to the growth of Reviewhunt, and this is how we decided to approach it.

Check out your Referral Link on your Dashboard on Reviewhunt -

1. Hunter Referral - Get a CONSTANT 5% Bonus from your Friend’s Buzz Content Rewards

When you attract new hunters from your referral link, you will constantly get 5% of the earned HUNT rewards that your referred friend has earned from his/her buzz content submissions. In other words, you will get 5% of HUNT tokens from whatever amount your referred friends have earned from his/her buzz quest submissions.

For example, if an influencer joins Reviewhunt via your referral link, then joins a buzz quest and creates buzz content via all his/her channels, and earns $500 worth of rewards, you will earn $25 worth of HUNT rewards (5% of $500). This is not a one time reward, but a CONTINUOUS reward for each person you refer. If more influencers sign-up via your referral link, and they constantly join buzz quests you can earn constant rewards even without participating in any quests.

2. Maker Referral - Get 5% Bonus from your Referred Maker’s Campaign Budget

When you introduce Reviewhunt to a potential product maker via your referral link, you will get a 5% HUNT reward of the maker’s campaign budget.

For example, if an app maker joins Reviewhunt via your referral link, and they run a campaign with a total budget of $10,000, you will earn $500 worth of HUNT rewards (5% of $10,000) after the campaign is finished. This is also not a one time reward. Whenever your referred makers run campaigns, you will earn 5% of their campaign budget.

How to Refer Hunters/Makers

When you go to your dashboard, you can see the Referral tab on your side menu bar. When you click to the menu, you can see your Referral Link as below:

Screenshot 2019-08-12 15.34.45.png

You can share this link to any potential hunters or makers. When they click the link, it's just the same Reviewhunt main page, but we automatically track your referral code in the background. When your referred friend joins as a hunter or a maker, you will also be notified about their sign-up as below:

Turn your Network into Money, and help Grow Reviewhunt!

If you have a network where you can invite many hunters, or you know some awesome product makers who are potentially interested in running review campaigns, invite them with your referral link and get paid constantly. Your actions will also help Reviewhunt reach the moon!

Check your Referral Link at Reviewhunt -

Reviewhunt Open Beta

Far earlier than we expected, Reviewhunt has successfully achieved our first milestone for the closed beta. We think that now is a good time for us to move Reviewhunt to the Open Beta stage, and any potential Makers are able to submit their campaign requests on Reviewhunt.

Introducing Campaign Creation Interface

If you signed-up as a Maker, you can create a review campaign by clicking the Create Campaign button. There are a total of five steps to go:

  1. Product Description - Detailed information about your product.
  2. Design Quests - You can add three quests (2 general quests and 1 bonus quest).
  3. Review and Buzz - You can add a review quest that requires hunters to write up reviews on App Store or Play Store. Also, you can add a buzz quest and select the buzz channels you want included.
  4. Preview - You can see how your campaign page will look.
  5. Checkout - You can pay the campaign budget with three different methods: USD, KRW, and Cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, STEEM, HUNT).

Create a campaign at Reviewhunt -

Things to note about our Referral Program

  1. All referral bonuses will be distributed within a week after the campaign is finished. You can find your tokens via the wallet tab on your profile page.
  2. The conversion rate between HUNT-BTC is calculated when Reviewhunt purchases HUNT tokens via its partner exchange when the Maker has created a campaign. The final reward value can be different due to the price changes when it’s distributed.
  3. Reviewhunt reserves the right to change the rules, reward percentages, payout period, and any operational matters.
  4. Reviewhunt reserves the right to close the referral program. In this case, the hunters who have referred new hunters/makers will no longer receive the referral rewards.
  5. Reviewhunt runs a blacklist system. If you are blacklisted, you will no longer be able to claim any HUNT rewards including referral bonus rewards.

Join Reviewhunt Now

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Great work guys!

I like the enthusiasm and development here, but maybe I am missing something. You talk about the better exposure per dollar that review hunt provides over competitors like facebook, but the reviewers using review hunt are only doing it for the reward, they likely have no intention of using the product/app outside of being rewarded for their review, whereas FB is bringing more organic and potnetial users. This seems like its just a circle jerk for reviewers to get paid for providing "authentic" incentivized reviews. Maybe I am missing something here, but it seems to be the same hunters---reviewers---makers just seeking some quick reward


1. I admit that "authenticity" of review is one of the biggest issue of whole influencer marketing industry.

We're trying to solve that issue by few compulsory "quests" that hunters (reviewers) must submit before they can write a review content, so they must prove they actually used the app until a certain level, not just spreading spammy reviews for bounties.

2. We compared the data with paid FB ads, not organic (not paid) Facebook postings.

As a maker, the goal of using Reviewhunt platform is not just bringing potential users from Reviewhunt user pool, but more importantly, getting early feedback about their products + viral effects on many social channels (which is more organic than paid ads in my opinion).


Thanks for some of the clarification. I am glad to see that the team is not oblivious to the shortcomings in this area and are working to find solutions. In regards to the second part I slightly misspoke, I didn't mean organic, I meant targeted, however, the same principle holds true.
Still glad to see this project moving on to the next phase and progressing well, keep up the good work


Thanks for your opinion. First of all, FB ad has the same issues. All the 171 downloaders won't be your users even though they organically downloaded. Based on our past three years of experiences with many mobile app marketing, less than 5% becomes only the retention users. On the other hand, some of our hunters become real users of the makers (and even though we didn't track the number yet) it seems more than 5%. Maybe @teamhumble can share his experience with Mosaeek campaign.

Makers have three main benefits by running campaign on Reviewhunt.

  1. Initial tractions - Regardless of the users become retention users (it means they keep using after their first experience), genuine downloads/usage numbers are highly important for the initial stage. Especially for mobile apps, you need a certain downloads and App Store reviews to get more attention.
  2. Searchable content - When people search their product, it is highly important that many content that users have shared are popped up via Google search or Youtube search. For the initial product, this is also very difficult job to gather natural reviews. Via Reviewhunt, over 20% of the participants are creating very detailed review content, and our client loves that part. Check the Mosaeek's content on Youtube when some potential user searched Mosaeek -
  3. Influencers

Plus, we do run strong moderation system for checking entire submissions via Reviewhunt. Any wrong/abusing/low quality submissions are rejecting by us.

Damn, now it will look like we are copying you guys when we introduce our new program soon ;p.

This is great though, let's give all steemians the right incentives to grow Steem!


lol. will look forward to seeing you copying us 😝 Kidding :D Thanks much for your support!

Unbelievable results already! Well done! Can't wait to see this really take off soon (:

onwards and upwards guys! :)

Nice post

nice nice

Great work! Showing the good results in a really short period of time!
Keep on rolling!

Looks really interesting and a good read! :)

Hello, I can't sign up. I go through the extra hoops. then tells me my email isn't registered.

Keychain please.


Hi, can you share the error message?


Yeah, I found it strange we needed an email to sign up. I wonder if it's just because it allows for other social platforms?

I'd rather have used SteemConnect or Keychain though, as I prefer to use Steem dApps with my Steem account instead of needing to sign up with an email.

I like to use my Steem account exclusively within the Steem Eco-system. I do have my Twitter connected to.

Why not also incluse the option of signing in with Social Accounts and steemconnect/Keychain?

The advantage of using social account logins is the ease of use (one-click sign up/login! No more filling out forms to register at sites, saves so much time and energy) also a big advantage is if ever the site had a data breach, password data is not disclosed of the accounts which used social site logins! (not that people should be using cheap passwords or worse, reusing passwords, but sadly many many people do haveIbeenpwnd?)

very nice news! been a big fan of steemhunt already and really looking forward to more discoveries.

Reviewhunt seems to be an excellent platform that will help you make money with your referrals.
I hope it can be realized in reality.


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Very good new and thank you for posting such a nice post

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Pretty cool. Is this a bot or something? Never knew there were bots on steemit.


Never knew there were bots on steemit.

Really? How long had you been here before you wrote this comment?

I'm sure you've realised by now there are MANY bots on STEEM, that do a lot of different things.

For example, you can check out some ofthe bid-boy (upvote bots) on steembottracker

Or, here is one I really love

!giphy bots

and also @remind-me about this tomorrow


Hey @kharma.scribbles, I will notify you on October 9th 2019, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


Hi @kharma.scribbles!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!


Thank you ;)

I LOVE this bot.. It comes in handy for a lot of things, like contests, reminding myself to check @steem-bounty upvotes on bounties I've made.. and many other use cases I've randomly come across.

interesting concept. signed up today to check out and review. will add this one to my top 10 referral sites, as well worth promoting. thanks @gadrian for the invitation to join.

Good news. I found it useful

Maravilloso post, espectacular...


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Good to see this improved work