Reviewing the Tv Show Dexter!!!

3년 전

This Tv show is about a guy named Dexter, Which is the main Character. His job at the Miami Metro police department is a Forensic technician specializing in blood spatter analysis. But heres the twist, Dexter is also a serial Killer during the night time. He only kills the people that deserve it, like other killers and rapers. One thing that i found weird was what he collects the blood of all his victims. Dexter waits till his victim is alone somewhere and he uses a house tranquilizer to knockout the person, then he goes somewhere where no one is at and he sets up plastic everywhere so then blood doesn't go everywhere while he cuts the person up into pieces. He then puts all the body parts into a bag, then goes to his boat and dumps the body's in the ocean. This show has a lot of action and drama and it makes you think. I would definitely recommend this show. This was one of my favorite shows to binge watch. You can find this show on Netflix.

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