Coinbase crypto lessons will give you rewards

25일 전

Hello, Steemit! I am back.

Are you, blockchain enthusiasts, on Go and check it out because right now Coinbase offers crypto currency lessons. Lessons are common sense and consist of very simple short videos (if you speak even intermediate English and listen attentively you should be fine).

When you complete them, you will get various amounts of different crypto. If you haven't yet completed Stellar Lumens lessons, please follow my link to do so. If you complete at least one lesson of Stellar Lumens or EOS, you'll get your crypto, and I will also get a reward for referring you.

To earn Lumens -

To earn EOS -

This link is for the first 4 people.
If you don't get it, just go to the coinbase site and find lessons manually.

This is a very easy way to fill up your crypto wallets just by learning :)

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I did use your link... but my account wasn't verified, so I don't know if I'll be allowed to claim any XLM, although I did get some for free on some other exchange.
Nice to see you around.


That's ok, I hope you can eventually get crypto from there as well, it seems like they are going to have that "earn" tab around for some time )

Nice to see you back and posting again and still interested in crypto. Unfortunately the lessons aren't available in my region, bleh


ah, pity! I hate when they limit availability to certain countries, it's UNFAIR
I hope i will find other free opportunities and post them on here