RFID Based Bus Ticketing System

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Public transportation system.

Used for the public transportation system for some of the general public, which is controlled by the authorities or by private parties. It is also a challenge to use it according to needs of ordinary passengers. This system use for scheduling of bus trips, with in some pattern, regardless, of meeting all types of needs. This is the system, this system is very common in many countries. Jamaica is not exception in this respect. When the passengers will arrive or get off from the bus, RFID technology will take the rent. When the passenger bus approaches it, he can be seen RFID sensor. Then the passenger will make his smart card show and the bus gate will opened. The passenger will be on the bus and again show his smart card, then the bus gate will be closed and the bus will start moving. On this system there will be some privacy for passenger’s destinations and fares. The passengers can use their mobile phone to know the time and location of the bus. With the help of mobile phones, the passengers will know how many seats are nearby bus and how many seats in there. A part from this, the passengers will enjoy many others smaller facilities. The biggest thing is that the passengers can reach their destination at the right time. This system will play a special role in preventing traffic jam. In the overall case, the traffic rules in the system used to be one step above top. On the other hand, this will have a big impact on the public transport of the country.


Radio frequency identification technology

Using the emergency of radio frequency identification technology the passengers will collect the ticket at the sort time. It is based on automatic identification technology that enables non-contact reading of data, thus making it ideal for applications in manufacturing, ware housing, logistic, retail, health care and in public transportation to name a few. RFID technology will be operated through a specific time code. System time is the use of special hidden tags. The application of RFID technology will be managed through mobile phone and computer. Buses will be operated on auto artificial intelligence agency. It will provide maximum safety with the right advantage of the passengers. Technically, the state or private run inventory authorities will not be used to harm or cheat any kind of the technology. At the same time, a bus will have a special purpose in the bus without making the passengers suffer due to the extra passenger travel. Passenger fare is fixed so that the passenger do not suffer from it. Passenger will be set according to age so that the passenger will avoid additional fare. All buses will be set to a specific time. In all, the passengers will enjoy the highest change. Currently many development countries of the world are now taking advantage or many benefits by using RFID technology. Among the countries, UK, USA, Australia, Jamaica Utilize, Russia, China, Canada, Malaysia, maximum middle east country as South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Cyprus and India. Currently our country plans to use this technology. This system for payment of fares for the ticket. Smart card will be used for this process. There will be money in the smart card if the passenger space input will be deducted from the smart card. Electronic ticketing machine (ETM) will be used for this. The database of ETM will be connected with the governments, government-approval public and private bank’s database. By which the passengers are enjoying the maximum benefit. Because the passengers do not need to create separate smart cards for this system. If no passenger is no smart card, the smart card issued by the invoice authority will be provided free to cost. After the specific time the card will have to be loaded or canceled, and there is no facility to fine the passengers. This system is being implemented by utilizing google map, digital bus stops. Every stops have a big LED monitor that shoe the certain time bus location. It will be able to see the passengers through mobile phones. A version of this implementation will be afforded commuters via an android application package for mobile devices using. There is a special sensor inside the bus, if any passengers become ill, call the nearest hospital and call an ambulance. All buses will be covered under CCTV. There will be a fixed time for every buses. Road blocks will have one CCTV every 10 meter intervals that will follow the buses. In all, the passengers will enjoy the maximum benefits of technology.



RFID based bus ticketing and tripping process is a digital system. It maintain and measure the each and everything in digital process. The system does all the work by reading and writing. The system will be connected with satellite by the wide area network Wi-Fi with all the bus stops. Every stops will be specific bus after a certain time, so the passengers can identify their bus very easily. There will be also an ETM booth by every bus stop, when the passengers can punch. The card and you can tell the database how far you can go through a specific keyboard process. If the seat is empty on selected bus, the passenger will be informed through the mobile phone message. When the bus arrives the stopes then a special intelligent agent open the bus door. If the door is not open the passenger show the smart card the sensor with bus. Then the door open then the passenger will get up and sit on his/her scheduled seat. When the bus reaches its input destination then the bus will stop and the door will be opened automatically and wait for the passenger. If the passenger want to get to the marked stop before or after then the passenger will have to pay the extra deposit…otherwise the mobile case will be named in the name of the passenger. Passenger information for the maximum security of the passenger will be recorded continuously.


Every device has a good and bad side, so everyone should think well.

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