Seyiodus's Giveaway #3 A Riddle (What Am I?) - Prize: 2 SBD | Result of the Last Giveaway. (Closed)

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Hello again. This is the third edition of my giveaway and it has been interesting. I was really smiling as I was reading the answers of steemians who entered for the giveaway. It's really fun to read and I hope you will join in this fun too. Okay, let's get to the main thing.

Last Giveaway Result

Thanks to all that make this a reality by participating in the giveaway. Such as @enm1, @mrzurkon, @johnskotts, @onefatindian, @adeoyesteem. @pharouk, @stevenmosoes, @prfm, @stevenmosoes, and @bluehearted.
Also to @mcsamm who is always supporting me and to @neoxian for his upvote on the last giveaway post.

Last Giveaway Question:


I am the backbone of it all without me it will collapse but me being there needs a lot of work. What Am I?

And the answer is

Steem Witness

Only one person got the answer @stevemosoes. Well done. I was thinking no one will win it until you answer. Congrats.

All shares have been sent; that of @usorong who was my first winner and that of @stevenmosoes. Congrats guys.

This is the proof:


Giveaway #3

2 SBD will be given out to two winners for this giveaway.


Before me, there was the connection between people but was not so strong but me being there, I am the best connection between all and I keep growing and consuming your money at the same time. What Am I?


  • Comment your answer down.
  • Upvote (Your upvote will make this giveaway running).
  • Resteem this post (So to reach more steemians)
  • All correct answers will be accepted but only two steemian can be a winner (for now). I will be using random name picker tool to determine the final winners.
  • I will announce the winner when this post has been paid out and or when I feel like doing another giveaway before the payout.
    (Note: All rules should be followed. If you upvote and do not resteem or vise-versa, your entry will not be valid.)

This is totally my giveaway and I can be on a break at any time since I am a human just like you. I can decide to increase the numbers of winners as it pleases me and there can be any changes at any time. Try to understand that this is just my way of giving back to the platform and all the decision is mine to take.

You can make a suggestion to make it fun

A suggestion from you to make it more fun and interesting is welcome. You can suggest a topic(s) you will like to see in the next giveaway contest.
If you feel like supporting my giveaway to increase the prizes please do so. Thanks.

Have Fun!


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Are you sure? Well, let's see. Good luck.

IF I were to choose I will say either data or discord... My final answer is Discord ...


Final answer it is. Good luck.


Well, let's see. good luck.

The answer is Discord


Maybe maybe not. Good luck. lolx


Your entry is not yet valid. You need to upvote and resteem.


Cell phones?


Your entry is not yet valid. You need to resteem and give your straight answer. Thanks.


My answer is: Cell phones


Great! Let's wait and see. good luck.


Ok resteemed!

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