My Ripple Vs. Stellar Lumens Technical Analysis

3년 전

I am a huge fan of both Ripple and Stellar Lumens. I have been following both projects for many months very closely.

With Ripple they are more centralized and targeting the corporate side of payments.

With Stellar they are decentralized and targeting the global payments.

Together both coins seem to complement each other well even though they are direct competition.

Here is my analysis for both coins:

Would love to hear your thoughts bud. I had lots of fun making this video and hope you enjoy.

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I think ripple will be the one that will make this bitcoin world grow. I believe that it has the competences for it.


I agree with you 100%. I am very bullish on both Ripple and Stellar. Both I hope will play their role in global payments. Ripple is targeting corporate and Stellar is targeting the rest of the spectrum.