10 Reasons you should NOT buy XRP/Ripple!!

4년 전
  1. Max supply 100,000,000,000+.

What, you need more reasons?

  1. The founder has indicated the tokens are worthless.

  2. The founder dumps 1,000,000,000+ tokens of his own holding onto the market monthly. If this were stock, it would be worth less than a dime.

  3. A wallet will always swallow 20+ xrp.

  4. Difficult to trade and take money out of.

  5. Trying to sell a product which already exists and not be competitive about it while adopters would have to pay significant sums to change systems and then train their employees on it.

  6. Centralized. They can also shut you down and retake your coins on a whim.

  7. Not genuine crypto.

  8. Premined. All 100,000,000,000 tokens.

  9. Distracting huge sums of investor money away from novel ideas, alt-coins, even ETH and BTC.

These are just a few of the reasons you should definitely NOT buy, own, hold, etc, XRP/Ripple coins.


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I have also bought 3000 xrp in .20$ and half of them sold @3.38$ and 50% holding.


Good for you. I would not personally hold, but they are yours to do with as you please after you do your own research.

I have merely 800 Ripples which I bought when the price was $.24 but I couldn't take the opportunity of price hike and now I am repenting. Should I still hold or sell those off??


Hello and thanks for your comment. Please like my post and follow me. You would make more than 80 cents each if you sold now at $1.041. Approximately $640 profit. I don't own any XRP any will not be buying any because of how it has hurt the real crypto market by stealing funds away from it.