XRP Kicking Hard In Market Cap!

5년 전

Market cap value for XRP has increased by 2 million in three days! It's either a pump and dump or steam is finally building for the SWELL conference! Regardless this coin is a long hold (3-5 years) before any real money will be made on it, at least for us smaller investors who only have a couple grand to spare. I'm predicting the conference will bump the price up somewhere between .32 and .40 cents. We of course will see it lose some of its value immediately after the conference. I would be happy to see XRP stabilize around .32 cents after the conference and begin the longer wait to see it gradually grow. Solid coin for anyone looking to invest in the crypto market.


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Strong long hold coin indeed


I truly believe it's a 3-5 year hold and won't reach full maturity until sometime between years 7 and 10. I don't mind holding. I only wish I had more money to buy a little more! Are you holding any XRP?


Yes I hold couple of hundreds of them on the Rippex wallet. I trust it will grow a lot in few years. The team is very active

it will have a good future

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