Ripple Trading Opportunity

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Hi Friends,
This is a summarized analysis for ripple investors officially known as XRP/BTC in the markets.
After the bloodbath last week which was caused by some fundamental factors, major coins have started appearing in Green back with great buying walls taking you to the moon with profits.
Lets have a look at the charts

This chart shows lots of buying opportunities in XRP/BTC especially with ripple latest aid in financial transfers from Japan to Thailand and much more as inscribed on their whitepaper.
For Short Term Traders
the chart already shows the profit levels at
Profit 1 - .00010510 | Profit 2 - .00011131 | Profit 3 - .00011984
You can decide to sell-off your profits or buy more at dips.

Long-Term Investors
There is a secret with cryptocurrency lot of people are yet to comprehend that the longer you hold a coin, the more profitable it becomes.
I am more of an Investor than a trader, for those in this category every profit level or dip is another buying opportunity for you to amass more coins which when help for at least 7-12 months, you would have made some good profits which you can withdraw.
I will making another post on How to Amass Wealth as a Investor in Cryptocurrency
Stay tuned as more news and updates would be dropped in the reply box
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Hello, thank you for the insights.

I've been looking at XRP but it's hard to get past the 38 Billion circulating supply. Who knows, i may buy a few just in case.

Sounds like I need to invest in more ripple