Ripple Completing Fractal Pattern - $4+ expected in 1-2 months!

2년 전


COIN: Ripple (XRP)

Analysis: Current price action has some resemblance to previous price action in December indicating a fractal pattern repeating. Based on the size of this retracement from the highs of $3, the bounce from current price of $1.10 in proportion should take us to $4+. The time frame is a little debatable, it might take 1-2 months based on the length of time for previous upticks.

Recommendation: There is a short term play to sell at $1.45 - $1.55 in a couple of weeks, representing 40% returns. I expect it to hit the resistance and come down one last time to the $1.10 region. From there we should see a strong bull run up to past $4 in a 1-2 month time frame. This will probably coincide with a rising cryptomarket in general.

Stop Loss: $0.98

Risk/Reward: 29.5x

Ripple 1feb18.png

*I am not a financial adviser. This is based purely on my opinion and from my technical analysis.

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technical analysis is great, when you're dealing with a stable market. The psychological volatility involved here throws a wrench in the spokes of any logical analysis. In the end, you will probably be correct in your predictions, however, we may take a few wild turns along the way.

I baught on $0.74.
It jumps over $3.
Now XRP is coming back as quick as grew up. But I still hold it. Because whole market is red bleeded

Maybe after this coming month. Chinese New Year and Tether issues need to be concluded.

  ·  2년 전

excellent analysis friend, you also have to be aware of the btc