Ripple Class Action Lawsuit

4년 전

The sleeping giant of ripple aka XRP is under intense pressure for regulation in the good ol U S of A, more important legally they are about to take a path that every company fears, a class action lawsuit. If the lawsuit goes on to be as successful as a Kaitlynn Jenner transformation then Ripple is going to be legally butchered for the foreseeable future, or will it.

My spider senses are tingling, like my scrotum after using bath salts literally, Is it a ploy by big Gov to coerce tighter government regulation, by entering Ripple and ether as "securities", and expand the big Gov's scrutiny in cryptoverse, by bringing in trading laws in a very clever game of financial mission creep.

If the Ripple law suit is successful, XRP will not be publicly trade-able and XRP's value will be the same as a second hand condom.

I will keep you all posted

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