The world's largest river - #Nile River

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Let us tell you that the largest river in the world is the Nile, which passes through the other rivers flowing through the continent of Africa and its length is about 6.853 km. It passes through heavy rainfall areas and passes through many countries like Uganda , Ethiopia, Sudan. It goes ahead and makes a long valley, the normal shield of the valley leads from south to north, but on this river the country of Egypt has built a dam.

The southern part of the Nile valley is located along the equator. The temperature is high throughout the year and the rainfall is also all year long due to high temperatures and more rain, due to the presence of the forest of the equatorial alluvium. Grasslands are also found in the northern part of it, due to high gum trees here, Sudan is the largest glue producing country in the world, due to lack of rainfall in the northern part.    

If it is seen by map.

The most important thing for Egypt's people in the Nile like fertile land is mostly sandy but the area around the river is very fertile, where different types of crops can be grown. 

Wheat - The food of the people of Egypt is wheat that they fill their stomach and earn money by selling them in other countries

Jatans - These people also wear borea and cloth with jute. 

Many other modern cities, including Egypt, have settled on the banks of the Nile, due to which the river is being used for transportation, the boats are small or large, by continuously passing the river from one place to another Works. 

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