What is "Road accident?"

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Road accident is a kind of accident when a vehicle collides with another vehicle.Any kind of vehicle can accident like Car,bus,Truck,Van,Bike,Rickshaw,Cycle etc.

What are the causes of road accidents?

There are lots of causes of road accident.

Here is some of them:

1.Bad driving.

2.Having fake driving licence.

3.Using mobile phone in driving time.

4.Not following the traffic rules.

5.Drunk Driving.

6.Crossing the speed limit.

7.Teenage drivers.


9.Night Driving.

10.Wrong way driving.

11.Driving while fog.

12.Street Racing.

13.Reckless Driving.

14.Unsafe lane changes.

15.Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.

How can we prevent road accident?

There are lots of way to avoid road accident

Here is some of them:

1.Follow the traffic rules.

2.Must have driving licence.

3.Follow the speed limits.

4.Ignore aggressive drivers.

5.Never use your cell phone in driving time.

6.Don’t talk in driving time.

7.Don’t eat or drink in driving time.

Road accident is a common thing in every country.Lots of people dies in road accident.Sometimes they become very injure for accident and we take them to hospital to save there life.We should prevent this problem clearly and then we can live safely.If we don’t fix this problem then we will be in big trouble in day by day.So government should fix this problem.

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