The Road of Rich(ROR) game Alpha service has been launched.

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Hello, This is Team ROR.

The Road of Rich game Alpha service has been launched.
This is an Alpha service, which is constantly updated and is being prepared for beta service.
Currently, the game is playable on
Play on both PC and Mobile without the need for setup. This game is optimized for the Chrome browser.

We support Google account login for greater accessibility. Fast and easy to play with just login without signing up.

The game payment system and token economy system used Steem Blockchain.
Rewards are distributed daily via Token Economy. You do not need to create a separate encrypted wallet to receive this reward. The ROR team supports creating a STEEMIT account for players who do not have a STEEMIT account.

The game's reward pool system will be in operation from late October to early November, and we'll provide you with further details.

Although we still lack a lot, we will continue to update our ROR.
Thank you.

  • We run the IV community not only for communication between users but also for communication with us.( bug report, game tip, and what you want from the team ROR are all good. We are going to vote on good articles by @roadofrich (500,000 SP), please participate.
    To get a vote, you must put in both the #iv and the #roadofrich tags.

  • ROR is a game in which players venture, pioneer and find their Road of Rich to create their routes in various ways. Let's find a variety of routes and build your own.

Start Road of Rich game :
ROR Official Discord channel:
ROR Official Homepage:
ROR Official Kakao talk channel:
Daily Report :
ROR Game community :

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Amazing news! I'm already trying to make my way through the mysterious new world, and I wrote my first introduction post: link


Thank you so much.
Keep posting about ROR game.
We support by vote


That was my only problem and why I haven't started on it yet. Being in a cyber-security course, I am personally not wanting to use HTTP. But I am keen to play. Hopefully they can change it.


We will update it soon.


Awesome! Once you do, I am playing. I have 1500 RORS staked and wanting to see the game progress and grow. :)

So, is this a RPG type of game? Or more like Arena?

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ROR game is an RPG game.

good game.

Any timeframe on when we can play this in English?


English is supported. We're still working on the translation.

Language selection will be added soon.

We can more understand this game by English language.
How do I link this game and steem account?

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STEEM accounts will be used for the reward pool.
Chinese users have connecting problem (google), we are looking for another solution.

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Are there any tutorials?

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Can steem connect be used?


We plan to use steem connect for the rewards pool. The login method used a Google account to allow more users to play the ROR game.

We're looking for a solution because Chinese players can't use Google Accounts.

I hope you offer something besides google, I'm not signing in through that it's bullshi*

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Seems like an interesting game!

  ·  2년 전

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Thanks for the post.

Amazing news! I'll check it out and write a german article about it later.

So, from the first start it doesn't really look playable on a mobile device (Android, Chrome). I have to scroll to reach the left/right part of the UI, I think if you know how the game works it is usable but for a total noob it's not really great.


Thank you so much.

Please contact us when the article is written.

Several countries will be added to the ROR game.
We expect many communities to participate and compete.
The competition system between national communities will start.


Mobile hasn't optimized yet.

We are keep updating the game.