Rotate the city and find resources throughout the ROR Game


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The ROR Game is moving around the city to get things that it doesn't want. At present, the resources are re-sold and the soldiers are bought back. Now the soldiers are three. By the amount of three we get more resources. Once the game starts, the quest will begin. I think it's going to include all of the previous console games. Today, I used RORS Token 2800 to buy DIA. Currently, not all items will be available on the phone. Anyone who uses a computer can use it all. At the moment, there is a constant search for resources for Soldiers to purchase. We are looking for more resources to buy and sell soldiers. DIA can deposit, but gold cannot yet be deposited. Only when the resources are sold are the gold earned.

All can be successful.

ROR DIscord link 👇

ROR游戏正在城市中移动,以获取不需要的东西。 目前,资源已重新出售,士兵被回购。 现在该士兵有3人。 通过三个数量,我们可以获得更多资源。 游戏开始后,任务就会开始。 我认为它将包括所有以前的主机游戏。 今天,我使用RORS Token 2800购买了DIA。 当前,并非所有项目都可以在手机上使用。 使用计算机的任何人都可以访问所有计算机。 目前,人们一直在寻找供士兵购买的资源。 我们正在寻找更多的资源来买卖士兵。 DIA可以存入,但尚不能存入金。 只有在出售资源时才能赚取黄金。


ROR DIscord链接👇


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You need more mercenaries.
Hire more mercenaries :)