Detlev and his Planning/Wanting/Doubting on going to SteemFest4

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As @anomadsoul and @blocktrades where asking about our own personal ideas, here is my thinking about the SteemFest and about the great work from @reolandp.

Yes, SteemFest4 calls to Bangkok and you now what?

even way better...

We go to Bangkok and Thailand in July/August to see that great country and city

by Agoda

Means a small bit of preparation and a big part of vacation. There will be enough time to do some posts about Thailand, Bangkok so stay tuned for this.

Traveling Thailand
is such a fun and
so damn easy
the country has wonderful people
it is safe and has so tasty food!

Planning - SURE!

After you have been to a SteemFest, meeting all that people, having all that talks and even better all that beers and coffee and great food - I love to go.

Planning Status is 80% plus

by from the Post "50 reasons Bangkok is the world's greatest city"

Wanting - What a question?

Again a clear yes, and even better - Love to bring my family.

If you like to know a bit more about What I want that have a look to this post from my personal memory lane of SteemFest.

I hope to see people but as well hoping to see a development in steem.
There are so many things on the way to come and if all this will happen, I see a bride future.

The #NewSteem team (great idea from @whatsup) is doing a great job and I love to meet @elipowell and @andrarchy and all the others to see how me and my team might support all this new activities.


Doubting - Yes, there are doubts

During the last weeks I talked to many people who said, that Thailand is far, that flights are "somewhat" expensive and and and ..... all this is true.

AND it is a full week to vacation you have to get from your boss.

On the other hand, we had SteemFest 3 times in Europe (Amsterdam, Lisbon and Krakow) and many people form all around the world came all the way to meet US here in even more expensive Europe.

So, I like to join and I may be active with some action topics around the SteemFest

BeerSaturday at SteemFest?

Hey, what a question - sure, I will take care about this *inofficial but official part of the SteemFest. Be prepared to a different #BeerSaturday as I will have a look around for cool locations during my summer trip to Thailand.

The #BeerSaturday club crawl

At Saturday we had the #BeerSaturday club crawl in Krakow and we will do something like this again as we did this already at Steemfest 2 in Lisbon which is a bit further down on my memory lane.

Som impressions

Here you see @Enginewitty with the #BeerSaturday sign
SteemFest 3 Krakow with Detlev (17).jpeg

Some Germans

You see @jeanpi1908, @rivalzzz @louis88 ans some people who don't want to be named, so we don't see them at all.

Frankly stolen from @louis88 and his #roadtosteemfest Post . Thanks again

Beer with @steevc, @slobberchops and @revisesociology

SteemFest 3 Krakow with Detlev (18).jpeg

Now add the heat of Thailand
and the horrible thirsty steemians
and guess how we could party
during a warm November night!

50 more reasons

Have a little read to this post at CNN Travel - World's Greatest City: 50 reasons why Bangkok is No. 1

by from the Post "50 reasons Bangkok is the world's greatest city"

Have a great day
See you in Bangkok and
JOIN the BeerSaturday
and steem on!!

@Detlev love steemit

 " \"detlev steemit klein.gif\""

JOIN Steemit #BeerSaturday

JOIN the Steemit BeerSaturday Challenge TODAY with Detlev.gif

More from @Detlev

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I was just trawling the SF tag and came across this, don't know why I didn't get an alert on the mention

I take it you booked the family holiday in July before the announcement of this years SF location?!?

Good effort on making two trips out in that case!

Most definitely taking a week off work for if you ask me - and November is the perfect time to escape Europe - I'd get the hotels and flights booked now, it's peak season for Thailand.

Cheers for the mention!


A warm week with friends and great people in Bangkok during cold November in Europe is a really good reason....

Cheers and see you soon.

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YAYYYY!!! It will be great to see you (and family) for Steemfest. I'll be bringing my kids too but not to the conference.
I should have a lot of doubts, because the funds..but I don't and am already seeing me there!!! It's the only way to go.
For me it will be like going home, since I lived in SE Asia and Bangkok for a while, so the moment is perfect.

We'll see you there @detlev! We'll have to have a beer, or two!

@detlev, Hope that your doubts will fly away and you and your family will enjoy this SteemFest.

Have a pleasant time ahead and stay blessed.

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I'm working on getting rid of the doubts while traveling Thailand.....


Good luck and hope that you will going to take the right decision. Enjoy your time ahead.

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I also still have some doubts if I am going there

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Post your doubts for the @blocktrades contest and you might get a fat upvote :)


Just have to find some time and I will

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you "poor student" need to win some financial support again. I guess there will be again some activities soon.


I hope it too, but I even if I go there I think I will be less at the conventions then last year because I will want to see the city

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