Road to Steemfest³


Time to jump on the Steemfest hypetrain

A few days left

And I got the feeling I have to make a blog about my journey.

made by our students

Some weeks ago I bought my ticket for steemfest, but why?

Because someone of the german community showed me the aftermovie from the 2nd steemfest in Lisbon:

After seeing it I was pumped to get to the next and to go to Lisbon, where I was for the Boomfestival:

Things that cant be delegated to our students from @globalschool?
Writing a #roadtosteemfest post^^

As promised @reggaemuffin, here is my post^^


Then on the 18th of October the confirmation came, thanks to @roelandp, @mammasitta and @manncpt we will make a presentation about @globalschool in front of the steemaudience.
Sad that the Founder @jnmarteau cant join us, but someone has to keep the project running :P

Here is an uncompleted list of steemians we know will attend and who we also definitely have the plan to talk to:
@twinner, @roelandp, @anomadsoul, @theaustrianguy, @lizanomadsoul, @mammasitta, @gexi, @manncpt, @rivalzzz, @pharesim, @aggroed, @arcange @meno, @crimsonclad, @followbtcnews, @louis88, @jeanpi1908, @detlev, @stoodkev, @therealwolf, @pgarcgo, @good-karma, @limesoda and LimeSodaCrew with notably @Bernd_LimeSoda & @Nissla, @flauwy, @heimindanger, @blocktrades, @vieanna, @brickster, @suesa, @techslut, @elear, @gandalf, @eveuncovered, @escapist, @buzzbeergeek, @howo, @fredrikaa, @jedigeiss, @reiseamateur,
@tomhall and much more of you!

We are/I am excited to get more information about all your projects like @steemmonster, @steemhunt, @fundition,, Bit.Study, Oracle-D, Destiny, Partiko, Steeplus +1UP, Ddaily, Cleanplanet, Sndbox, Steembirds and many more!

Btw @limesoda I found you(right next to my place) :P

photo5971803454588431915 (1).jpg

Meetup in Vienna

Stammtisch groß.jpeg

Whoever is willing to make a little pre steemfest, has the occasion to come to the #meetup in Vienna:


maybe @theaustrianguy

(if i forgot someone please write in the comments)

At last a little promo for my company :3

Logo_MuKIT_transpapng-01 (1).png

You want to test our ERP-System?
acc: demo
pw: demo

If you have any questions contact me or visit our website:

Subscribe to our youtube channel, so you dont miss any new videos:

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So excited to make this trip to the steemfest with all of you this time! Can’t wait!

  ·  작년

It is going to be awesome :3


Beautiful article Manu!!!!

  ·  작년

Thank you :D


I have a good feeling, too! :)

Nice article and work! :)

  ·  작년

Thank you for your engagement as project manager of the @globalschool. We are proud to have you and @manncpt there presenting the project! :)

  ·  작년

Find me - and ask for a pin 😁

  ·  작년

I will :P


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Freu mich schon dich wiederzusehen!

  ·  작년

ich mich auch :)

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