Globalschool - What We Learnt On the Road To The SteemFest


It is already three weeks that the Mechatronics and Graphic Designers students from Poland joined the @GlobalSchool talent pool for an internship in their respective field in Vienna, Austria. As the group is really motivated and talented we asked them additionally to the work they are doing for the various projects to imagine a serie of posters and visuals to illustrate the road to #steemfest 2018. We would love to participate and present the @globalschool challenges and opportunities.

We wished to make a small presentation of the @globalschool and today thanks to incredible cooperation between @roelandp, @mammasitta and the talent pool here the reply we get:

Getting ready for the #SteemFest

On the #RoadtoSteemfest our dream is to meet everyone!

Here is an uncompleted list of steemians we know will attend and who we also definitely have the plan to talk to:
@twinner, @roelandp, @anomadsoul, @theaustrianguy, @lizanomadsoul, @mammasitta, @gexi, @manncpt, @rivalzzz, @pharesim, @aggroed, @arcange @meno, @crimsonclad, @followbtcnews, @louis88, @jeanpi1908, @detlev, @stoodkev, @therealwolf, @pgarcgo, @good-karma, @limesoda and LimeSodaCrew with notably @Bernd_LimeSoda & @Nissla, @flauwy, @heimindanger, @blocktrades, @vieanna, @brickster, @suesa, @techslut, @elear, @gandalf, @eveuncovered, @escapist, @buzzbeergeek, @howo, @fredrikaa, @jedigeiss, @reiseamateur, @tomhall and much more of you!


I am pretty sure that I missed many of the fantastic people and teams we would like to meet! Each of our team members are very much looking forward to meeting you face to face! :)

Credit: SteemFest Poster by Paulina Copyright GlobalSchool 2018.

Cooperating with the @Fundition team

On the road to #steemfest, thanks to the hard networking, representation and communication of @manncpt, we started a cooperation with @siamcat and the @fundition team.

For the moment the talent pool, especially the advertisers are trying to grab all the information about the @globalschool to update the @fundition page and follow the guidance given by @siamcat.

Hopefully next week our @fundition page should be updated. In between we will finalize all the visual communication as well as involve properly the team in all the contributors achievements.

Social Impact = TeamWork.

On the side of the talent pool working hard on the various contents to present @globalschool, yesterday evening was the weekly preparation/coordination meeting organized with the @Globalschool team at 17h @frameworks after the regular working day with the students. As you can read in his article (EN/DE), this week @manncpt joined the daily activities to enforce both the team and talent pool. Unfortunately, in the last weeks he was ill some days and @gexi and me worked full time with only a day break per week, so we couldn't always be behind quality performance as @manncpt does when he is around. So today thanks to the dedication of Christoph, we could both use the first hours of the day to manage personal needs.

After some hours of supervision with the various groups, we left the hostel around 16h30 to head to @frameworks the HQ of @generationeuropa for the weekly meeting of @globalschool. @mammasitta (@com-lab & #steemit-austria ), @manncpt (@opt2o), @gexi (@mukitgmbh), @wolfgangsieberth (@generationeuropa) and me were present. It was a very important meeting as it was the first we could make all together from the moment the @globalschool restarted earlier in September.

@Globalschool is a joint project from various organizations, collectives, social businesses and networks unified under the umbrella of the Internet of ideas consortium (@innovations), which is managed by mainly @generationeuropa, @opt2o and @solidarity (solidarityworld).

As the project has a wide spectrum, the team has a lot to think about. Even if all of us made the necessary to have a coordinated/synchronized meeting, an agenda for the day, a space to be hosted, some food for those hungry,... a lot of work need to be done in order to ensure both: the day to day activities in short and middle terms (up to December) as well as to plan, coordinate and ensure sustainability for the project while providing a minimum of resources and compensation to the team which is not only volunteering but also investing time & money to realise the project.

What we seem to all agree is that the team do not need only meetings but also to have team work sessions to actually work together and support each others departments. Basically what we provide to the participants of the @globalschool, we also need for ourselves to be more efficient. For now @Globalschool will be leading the following departments via the following entities:

  • research & development (@innovations)
  • learning (@generationeuropa)
  • creativity (
  • support (@opt2o)
  • influence (@com-lab)
  • exploitation (more to come soon)

A step more towards the SteemFest

@mammasitta, @manncpt and @gexi are preparing to represent the @globalschool and sub communities/projects such as the @com-lab at the #steemfest. The event is very important for the @globalschool as it will be the occasion to find new supporters while being able to present the achievements made this year and advocate to those who can really make a change in enabling #blockchain education and crypto-awareness to be developed in new ways while providing educated users (asset validation and benchmarking) to offline and online platforms such as those based on the #steem #blockchain.

This meeting made me really conscious that @Globalschool today has a dedicated team who is willing to bring the project to the next level. Thanks to this meeting, I get the pleasure to learn from the team who seems more and more ready to externalise and go out of our developmental bubble to make shine our participants as they deserve. While @wolfgangsieberth's ability to ensure the benchmarking and to ask the double proof for each values expressed by the @globalschool to not reproduce traditional power structures which from our collective point of view do not allow interoperability in terms of participation, initiative or responsibility to be taken over, elements of the core of our value system. I was very impressed to explore what each of them had to say.

@mammasitta's perspectives:

The @Globalschool is an opportunity

For people of any age who wish to learn and are interested to share their skills and reach a level of excellence;


The @Globalschool provides white spaces

Aggregated places where you can exchange in different ways, without age restriction, from everywhere, all fields based on people's experience;


At @Globalschool everyone can be a learner or mentor

Mentors are those who are providing the learning frame, it means the ones who are sharing their skills are the mentors and are also those benefiting the most from that process while reaching a level of excellence.

@Globalschool make decision making, identity and brands development easier

The talent pool offers an interpretation of the requirements by the affiliates. The sampling offers to the affiliate a variety of options on which they can build on their decision and or recalibrate their strategy.

@Globalschool provides a learning experience out of the norm

Dissociating from traditional learning methodologies, @Globalschool training sessions are taylored and based on transdiciplinarity work, individual interests and motivation as well as on an attentive evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the participants which can then find ways to self improve and allow themselves to overcome fear, eventual lack of confidence or unmanaged creative or cognitive overload.

From @manncpt's point of view, the @GlobalSchool provide social impact experiences. It's also a mentor and talent pool which are having a co-learning experience together. Students can learn from their mentors more about real world projects and are able to practice in a multi sided and holistic working environment. They learn from the community, get new connections and improve competences in their fields. The work is recognised and they build a reference for their career path.

From Wolfgang's perspective the Global School is a co-learning experience between talent pools and mentor pools which are based on the concept of a equal, global community. It can not be based on current conventional systems of recognition as they failed. The system created a lot of losers and very few winners, the opposite of what the @globalschool is standing for.

Last month @gexi had been able to evaluate the achievements of various groups of participants, saw their progress and got some benefits in return for his personal commitment while being able to cooperate with some of the participants to create series of visuals for his company.

Credit: @mukitgmbh team by Paulina Copyright Globalschool 2018. See more on:

Articles for the @mukitgmbh shop


T-shirts design
Two of many t-shirt design made by our graphic designer team.

Credit: @mukitgmbh goodies Copyright @Globalschool 2018. See more on:

From these achievements he clearly see the values of what the Global School can provide to brands, such as the sampling of design possibilities which is very inspiring for a company and or entrepreneur with limited resources. After a month now Manuel went through a certain variety of situations and experienced what it means to be a learner, a mentor, supporter and cooperant/exploitant at the Global School. He started to understand the ethics and values behind and advocate for example already for a code of conduct, and process to increase performance, efficiency, etc ... Manuel starts to see how he can effectively take his role and department in hands and cooperate with the team, talent pool and begin to build on his field experience and the various constraints he went through. He now also realize how complex it can be to make people understand simple things and how interpersonal skills are important and influencing the outcomes in the various fields related to for example research, learning, creativity, business development and of vocational trainings.

Do not miss to check our last posts:

General contact and inquiries:
Email: office[at]


A lot of more to come soon with your encouraging support!

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If you find me, I'll be absolutely up for a chat :) looking forward to meeting you!


Thank you for passing by and dropping this encouraging message. We would be definitely happy to meet you, we will do our best to find you!


I am looking forward to meet you


I hope we don’t miss each other

  ·  작년

If we haven't met by Friday afternoon, ping me on discord so we can coordinate :)


So true! :)

I am beyond happy and thankful to @roelandp and so excited to introduce our team & #steemitschool project in Poland.

We couldn’t do it without our students and mentors and you of course @jnmarteau


We couldn't do it without you, your presence and effective support to each of our team for whom you are fighting and advocating at any time when we can have any kind of difficulties you are there too, wherever we are or coming from, from any age and talent in a middle of a life full of needs of you, you still find some time for all and each of us. Thank you and much more for all of this inspiration!


Thank uuuu! Merci! I try my Best

I just got the ticket of the #steemfest by email! I am excited to participate together with @lizanomadsoul, @yumleadership, @mammasitta, @anomadosul and @gexi. I am also looking forward to meet new people of the steem universe and represent the @globalschool, @opt2o, @silkroad40 and the @com-lab there! :)


We all count on you to represent us there! Thank you for your support!

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I like your ideas very much - resteem

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Thank you @kadna for passing by and dropping this encouraging message


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