Be a part of SteemFest 3 film – The Road to SF

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The Road to SF

This is year I'm double excited -

First of all, I'm from Poland not far from Krakow, so I will fully feel like host for everyone else - so anyone got any questions please hit me. I will be free for almost 2 weeks ( from 1st - 15th of November) , I've got few things to do in that time, but not fully scheduled yet. If someone is interested I can organise some little walk about, show cool places, cafes, restaurants, pubs, places, landmarks and whatever is needed.

Secondly I will make Film for SteemFest 3, this year will look completely different than last year, it still will have vibe of fun, but I plan to take it into next level. When i say next level.... Well lets see.

Now I'm calling for creative people (influencers) which got spare time during/before/after and are into some modelling/acting or etc, I will need you to go with me to few locations and film some scenes those scenes will make final steemfest movie. If you are interested please drop me message in comment. Possibility is that I'll pick you up from airport and film your road to Steemfest 3

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I'm so glad you made this film and love that you are having inspirations already to capture the magic of Steemfest3. You really have quite the eye and the talent to carry off a remarkable capture. Excited to see what comes of it. Hope that you consider the potential of doing some photo/video work with the @gardenofeden.

I´m arriving on November 5th, would be pretty cool to catch up that day :D


@anomadsoul Yeah definitely ! Will try to schedule something ! Let me know when you arrive, I may use your face as a start of video maybe making journey from Airport to Krakow ......

That video is the coolest crypto meetup video I've ever seen! :)
See you at Steemfest3!

I love your video from last year and I’m so exited for my first Steemfest! I think I’ll be getting into Krakow a few days early if you want to meetup! 😊


@coruscate Yes sure ! I know some cool places so will be good to catch up beforehand, hit me on steemchat so we can exchange numbers

@louis88 and me will be there at 5th November right there too, if you ca arrange something or should get me or @louis88 to organize something let me know =).

I ordered several steemit full caps today which I will wear (see my blog)

Yop man! Last year Footage was beautiful... so this year will be amazing. I'm in if you need some acting or something, I think I will arrive at 4 or 5... Discord: @Leotrap#1740
Peace V!

This looks like it's going to be so much fun, I really do wish I could go, I've even considered it more than a few times as I'll be in the UK but will actually be in the middle of something that I can't get away from, oh well, SF4? Let's hope it's in London next year! or if it's in Spring in Boston or NYC :) Just for my own selfish close proximity to those locales :)


@donnadavisart are you London based?

Really excited to see what you'll do for SF3. This is my first ever steemfest and I'll only be there from 7th-12th Nov, but definitely up for meeting up to eat somewhere you recommend locally or even just to get some food recommendations from you!

And for your video, I'm not an actor or a model, but have a very expressive face :P happy to help if I can :) See you at Steemfest!!


@redrica catch up with you during steemfest I'm sure I will use your face for Steemfest3 film :)


Well @fuckmylife , it's great that I did see you so many times at SF3. Only took me about 5 times to finally remember your name and face haha

You don't live far away man, we have to sort out a meet up at some point!

I really like the Steemfest2 video.

I think I'll be flying into Krakow on the 5th and staying for a little while after the conference too. I'd love to help you out with the video as I will probably be vlogging the conference and I'm thinking about making a recap video too.


@daveonarrival speak to me at steemfest :)

I have to give this year Steemfest a miss but so glad to note that you are making a film. Best of luck on your project.

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I WISH I was coming, then I would definitely come and be an actor for you but sadly I just simply can not afford the time....I am super busy up until Christmas this year. I will miss you and all my friends from Steemfest2....but maybe next year. Good luck my friend, I know that you will make a fantastic film!


@basilmarples are you busy with projects ? ..... I think you should come anyway.... I'm in UK, we can link up !