STEEM Defi - Robinia keeps burning tokens and the price keeps rising! Up 25% in the last couple days

2개월 전

Robinia has burned roughly 35k tokens in the last 4 days alone...

Want to see your defi token go higher?

It's easy, just burn more of the supply than is created each day and the token has no choice but to go up.

That's almost where Robinia is already.

Over the last 4 days, Robinia has burned roughly 35k tokens.

Check it out:



With roughly 14k new tokens created per day for the entire project, that means they burned roughly 35k of the 56k total over that time period.

For those that like math, that is roughly 63% of the supply burned over the last 4 days.

The neat thing is that this is without the really big burns happening yet.

They are in the process of transitioning to delegation pools which will greatly increase their token burns as well as seeing the steem delegation curation rewards start to roll in, but those won't fully be available for another several weeks as they must be powered down.

Then you have IFOs on the way as well.

With those three things combined, the current $.21 price per token is not likely to last much longer!

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Thank You for sharing Your insights...

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tres bon article, bravo


Thank You for sharing...

True sir

Any airdrop on this crypto or something please??