STEEM Defi - Robinia lowers inflation by 20%!


If the token burns weren't already enough, Robinia has also cut the inflation rate

Robinia announced yesterday that they have lowered the inflation rate from .5 RBS tokens per block to .4 RBS tokens per block.

That number may seem small, but that is a 20% reduction in block rewards!



This is a very interesting experiment because it (temporarily) means the yields on all the farms and pools will be lower than they were previously.

However, it also means that it will be easier to push the price of RBS higher.

Normally I would say this is probably not the right move because the yields offered are the lifeblood of a project, but considering how much they are burning on a daily and weekly basis, they should be able to push the price up getting the yields right back to where they were previously, or even higher.

For that reason I think this will ultimately end up being a good move.

Time will tell, but what is not up for debate is that this is overwhelmingly positive for the price of their native token, RBS.

The price of RBS will be stronger than ever thanks to less inflation and increasing token burns.

It has held up better than the rest of the market and I expect it to do very well over the coming weeks and months.

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as they say
"The misfortunes of one people, bring benefits to others" !!

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

"One person's hardships generate benefits to others"!!

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I hope the process is fair and smooth so there wont be any manipulation in the system. I need more coins on trusted multi-coin wallet application from, for the long term.