STEEM Defi - Robinia sees largest token burn in more than 3 weeks!

2개월 전

Robinia burned over 13k tokens which was the largest amount in weeks

If you wanted more proof that the token burns were going to accelerate over the coming weeks, you got a pretty good indicator today.

Today Robinia announced that they burned over 13k tokens.

Check it out:



This was the most tokens burned in a single day in over 3 weeks.

For some perspective, the total amount of inflation on a daily basis is just over 14k tokens, so roughly the entire amount of new supply was bought and burned today...

Guess what happens when this number becomes larger than the newly created supply each day?!

The curation from the steem delegation farm is really going to start rolling in tomorrow, but won't fully be reflected in the price for another week or two as it needs to be powered down before it can be used to purchase RBS.

The delegation farm upgrades are expected to happen in the next few days which will further burn more and more tokens as well.

Add it all up and I think you want to be a buyer of RBS right now for the coming weeks/months.

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