Introduction to Roblox Studio[Updated Guide 2022]

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Roblox is a medium that brings gamers together to interact and play games online. This platform permits you to also create game characters for whatever you want.

On Roblox, the fun does not just come from playing games. It also comes from making games.

On the Roblox platform, Roblox Studio helps to make a simple platformer game. You can create games using this Roblox Studio. So you should know about Roblox Studio.

In this article, I will introduce all about Roblox Studio. Before that, if you are already a user on the Roblox platform and forget your password, you can get back your lost password using the Roblox Password Finder tool.

All About Roblox Studio

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The work of Roblox Studio is distributed into three sections. Its working depends upon the different parts. The following details give the introduction to Roblox Studio.

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In this article, you will explore the basics of Roblox Studio by creating a platformer game.

A platformer game is called an Obby (obstacle course) in Roblox. Players have to complete it to the end of the level by jumping from place to place, avoiding obstacles and clearing risky gaps.

A)Starting a New Project

Follow the quick setup instructions if you have not yet installed Roblox Studio.

  1. In Roblox Studio, click on the New button in the upper left, press Ctrl / ⌘ - N and forget to Delete the Baseplate.
  2. Then start a new project by selecting the Baseplate template.

B) Delete the Baseplate

Players need to fall to their defeat if they make a mistake, so you will require to clear the Baseplate from the project before building your Obby.

  1. First, look for the Explorer window, which lists all objects in your game. You can utilise it to select and work with parts even if you can’t see them in the game editor window.
  2. Then click the small arrow next to Workspace to develop the tree.
  3. Click on Baseplate to select it.
  4. Press Delete on the keyboard.

C) Make a Starting Point

In Roblox, a SpawnLocation spots where a player appears in the world at the start of the game or after restarting. You will need to create one so that players have somewhere safe to spawn in your Obby.

  1. Balance your mouse over Workspace and click the circle button in the Explorer window.
  2. Please scroll through the drop-down list until you find SpawnLocation and click on it.

The new spawn location will be made at the exact centre of your camera view.

D) Moving the Camera

Move the camera about to get a better view. Follow the following instructions on the keyboard buttons for moving the camera.

W A S D - Move camera
Q E - Move up and down
Shift - Change camera speed
Right Mouse Button - Turn the camera
Middle Mouse Button - Pan camera
Mouse Scroll Wheel - Zoom camera
F - Focus camera on selected part

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A) Add a Part

Parts are the necessary building blocks of a game. You can utilize them to create a series of platforms. Choose the Model tab and click the Part icon. A new small part will occur at the center of the camera view.

B) Move the Part

Select the Move tool. Use the camera controls to obtain a good view of the part. Please ensure the new part is selected. Drag the coloured arrows to move the part away from the spawn platform, giving players an easy first jump.

C) Anchoring Parts

Anchoring locks parts in place and prevents them from moving, even if players bump into them. With a part fixed, toggle on the Anchored property. Look for the Properties window, which allows you to review and change properties for any selected object.

D) Scaling Parts

To creatively design your course and balance the difficulty, you will need to change the size and angle of the parts you insert. Facts can be easily resized along any axis.


A) More Platforms

One jump is not enough to make a great Obby, so try making other classifications of elements by connecting the small arrow below the Part button. Recall using various sizes and rotations for type.

B) Colors and Materials

Right now, as just a collection of grey parts, your Obby might be looking a little dull. The color and material of components can be changed by editing a part’s properties.

C) Toolbox

The studio includes a sharing platform for game objects called the Toolbox. You can utilise it to find fast ready-made models, textures, meshes, or other things.

D) Publishing a Project

It’s good practice to publish regularly. In complement to keeping your work in a secure place, publishing allows other players on Roblox to play your game.

And with that, your first Roblox game is complete! Try playing your Obby with friends and compete to reach the end of the course fastest.

Final Note

As you know that Roblox is a famous platform nowadays. So making games on Roblox is upgrading your experience. You should know all the settings of Roblox studio, so this article helps you to learn about Roblox Studio.

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