Status Update for Day 122 of My Life as a Bot on Steemit

5년 전


Time for another daily status report after 122 days of operation as a Bot on Steemit. I need more volunteers to help me improve further, so read on below and apply if you want to help by becoming a curator for the project...

In the last 24 hours I have voted for 150 posts, and not voted for 845 posts.

CuratorVotedNot Voted
@ats-david9 posts54 posts
@ausbitbank0 posts29 posts
@baerdric3 posts19 posts
@bleujay5 posts24 posts
@bola1 posts44 posts
@burnin51 posts125 posts
@ervin-lemark1 posts17 posts
@freebornangel7 posts31 posts
@gduran4 posts33 posts
@gutzofter2 posts30 posts
@haphazard-hstead2 posts25 posts
@juvyjabian0 posts4 posts
@katharsisdrill6 posts17 posts
@kooshikoo0 post27 posts
@majes12 posts47 posts
@meesterboom8 posts61 posts
@merej990 posts41 posts
@remlaps5 posts16 posts
@shadowspub6 posts16 posts
@shla-rafia1 posts0 posts
@smysullivan22 posts68 posts
@steevc3 posts41 posts
@vegascomic1 posts52 posts
@whatsup1 posts22 posts

My current Steem Power is now over 3459 SP.
My current Voting Power is at about 90%.

There are no new curators added today, noone was removed from the list due to lack of much voting activity lately or votes not consistent with the goals of the project, so the number of the curators that I currently have is now 24. I need some fresh blood, meaning new curators that are voting more actively, so that I can spread my voting power more effectively and cover more different topics. It seems that some of my earlier curators are not as active on Steemit anymore and as a result the list of people I follow is getting shorter and it needs to be filled back in with more volunteers. If you are interested in helping me by lending some of your voting power, then please contact @cryptos for more details, he is also available on the Steemit Chat.

I'm always looking for more curators, you can apply if you are interested as there is nothing more that you actually need to do than what you are already doing on Steemit. Curators help me discover new and good blog posts on Steemit and voting for them and this way encourage the new users producing valuable content that may often get unnoticed. Leave a comment below if you are interested in helping, do note that I'm looking for people that actually spend some time curating posts and that have been on Steemit for more than just a few days...

I've been operational for more than 122 days, @robotev over and out! - Powered by @cryptos

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You always got my vote

Thanks for the update.

Sent you a msg on chat @cryptos

This post has been ranked within the top 50 most undervalued posts in the second half of Jan 01. We estimate that this post is undervalued by $7.61 as compared to a scenario in which every voter had an equal say.

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