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If there are any issues, please leave a comment on this thread. Thank you.


this is not fair zapzap. in the last minute of your bid bot upvote, you just made a bid by yourself. this is certainly not fair. I will surely do a complaint against you in the steembottracker. You transferred 0.425 sbd to upvote your comment. Not fair at all buddy.zapzap.png

give me money back or else i will have to do something


Thank you for your comment. This was exactly why I made this thread. If you have any other issues or the bot seems to not work for any reason please let me know. My vote is restricted to the rounds so the bot is not interrupted. I have voted 2 other pieces of content as a gesture of good faith.

@zapzap Last night I transferred 0.25 SBD to support a post. You did not upvote it. The only other bidder in that round paid 0.2 SBD and received a 100% upvote. So I trust you that you will still upvote the post I wanted to get promoted by at least 56%, what would have been its fair share.

Good service, I like this boot service, I bought a vote from here.

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Hi Dear,

i sent 0.1SBD to you. But you upvoted to me with %6.
Is something missing?
why me different rate?


Now it's 10%,
what exactly is the event?


Apologies. I must have missed you vote when the bot froze. Refunded.

It looks like I did not get a (PayPal) upvote today. Can you please have a look if something went wrong with the bot? Or was it me?


Paypal is not involved with this system.


Sorry I meant zapzap up upvote. But my auto correct caused this.

Meanwhile I discovered that I didn't get an upvote because you don't upvote comments. And there is no automatic refund.

Perhaps it might be a good idea to do something about your communication...?

dear zapzap, you didn't vote my post ! i sent you 0.250 SBD. Would you please tell me why didn't you vote my post?


There was a voting error. Your transfer has been refunded.


see below - refunded.

you didn't vote my post ! i sent you 0.100 sbd Yesterday!!why didn't you vote my post?

  ·  4년 전

Hi there is an issue with my transaction:

Transfer 0.250 SBD from dkn

I did not recieve any votes for that one!

@zapzap. I sent you 0.1 SBD. But my url post not upvote yet. How I do?

why you did not upvote my post.i send you 0.200 sbd yesterday for my two post.. this adress why you missing to give my link upvote. pls send my ubote my link...

@zapzap, I sent 0.1 sbd yesterday, my post nothing vote . How this?


The vote you gave me is inadequate. I hurt. why ?