RocketEx Takeoff - Sidechain launching witness nodes - Become an Early ROX Miner!


Here at RocketEx we are increasingly excited about our RocketEx Accelerator Program - a suite of solutions to give projects everything they need to join the next generation of internet communities and applications!


The RocketEx Accelerator Launchpad is more than just our open source condenser, we are developing a whole cluster of solutions for businesses that have been waiting for SMT’s and want to start now, for ERC-20 coin projects that need faster, cheaper transactions, and for community building initiatives that need a place where they can incentivize good behavior.

There are several pieces to this puzzle, and we will continue to push for them to be open source, so that developers, experimenters and builders can create and test on their own. It only takes one actor in an ecosystem to push open source for the calculation to change for everyone; this is what we have seen with condenser.

The second piece of the puzzle is a Smart Contract Layer, such as @disregardfiat’s Open Token Platform or @harpagon’s Steem Smart Contracts, which were open source from the beginning; these form the technology on top of which STEEM sub-tokens are possible. We applaud all the actors in the arena, working hard to make our ecosystem into something that can attract outside investors and developers - and for making these platforms open source! We are experimenting with our own smart contract platform now, because of the wonderful philosophy of open source, we can build on top of the work of those that came before us!

The Ecosystem is Expanding!

Part of our philosophy requires consensus - a decentralized platform where independent node operators and witnesses get rewarded for protecting the integrity of the network. We are developing our consensus algorithm right now, and will be launching a fully decentralized smart contract platform under the name DappNet within two weeks. DappNet will have 43 main witnesses, plus those witnesses outside the top 43 will still receive participation rewards!

Running applications on DappNet will require staking ROX tokens, and there will be other benefits to staking ROX tokens as well, such as a success share pool that will distribute a portion of the monthly DappNet maintenance and support fees to ROX stakers. We have released some ROX tokens for those who want to get a Jump Start on staking ROX!



For those interested in getting a Jump Start on becoming a witness, we want to release as much information as possible. During the test net and the early period of DappNet consensus, witnesses will be ranked by staked ROX. There will be a maximum of 500,000 ROX tokens premined - all other ROX tokens will come from an emissions pool earned by node operators and witnesses.

Once staked-voting becomes established, ROX-stakers will vote for 10 witnesses each, and witnesses will then be ranked by their staked-ROX vote total.

The ROX emission pool will start at 20,000 ROX per day and will be distributed as follows:

  • 80% to the top 43 witnesses
  • 10% as participation rewards to node operators not in the top 43
  • 10% to an Incubator Fund for new projects

Recommended Hardware

For a minimum witness layer set up we are recommending

  • 8 gb RAM
  • 100 megabit connection
  • Dual-core 2.0ghz

These specs are overboard for participating in the testnet, but if you are not wanting to change the server as we scale up, we recommend starting with the above as a minimum.

RocketEx Jump Start

There is so much potential with STEEM-as-infrastructure, and our team will continue to develop, build and push based on our values of Freedom, Liberty and Openness. We build the future we want to see!

Follow @rocketex for more exciting updates as we move forward with more pieces of this puzzle! And be sure to get your ROX today to become a witness:

Buy on FreedomEx for STEEM


Buy on Steem-Engine for STEEMp


Connect with us on Discord:

RocketEx Discord

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  ·  작년

as far as I understand the only reason to buy REX now is to become a witness? did I get that right?

  ·  작년

What else would you want from @instructor2121?

FREEX tokens didn't work and the exchange is without any volume because everyone is on steem-engine so he obviously needs another cash grab. It's so damn delusional to think that any project will want to run on top of ROX.

The whole thing stinks like TradeQwik 2.0.

  ·  작년



Pretty funny we were never focused on steem users, we listed their tokens because we happened to have a steem engine token and they had a decent plan of attack. So it only made sense to list them, now we're focused on b2b systems and not just normal user-generated coins.

We already have a huge contract signed to port over a media company so you can keep spreading fud if you like but we're making the bigger moves bringing companies in and not focused on only the people in the steem chain. Also, this media company has a business plan and user base for every site we will be bringing in. Your comment about no one will use our system makes so sense. Since we're spending the money and time to bring these people into the system.

And as for no liquidity, there is like no volume in steem in general since its always being dumped or is delegated to bots. Our sidechain came from the needs of our client and because of the limitation of steem-engine. Also to get the record straight we were marketing steem-engine to clients but will not be doing so anymore.

Also, there are only a few coins on the steem-engine dex that do any real volume at all. And from what most have seen its people manipulating markets to try and make it seem worth more.


So, did you just take the time to tell the Steem Community why you don't need the Steem Community?

:) Instuctor has been doing that too. It's a strange strategy.


Nope, we took the time to say we're not only focused on the current people and projects in the steem community. We're reaching out and bringing in already established companies into the steem ecosystem like the original plan of smt's was supposed to head towards. Which we have done we have signed a contract to bring in 35 sites, this is not a very bad start.

We're still having meetings with teams who have made steem-engine tokens who want to have a website who will be switching over to our sidechain come launch. Many people don't have 1000 steem to put on a bot and then the 35 dollars it costs to edit it every single time you need to make a change.

So they will be going with the bot we will be making, this means anyone can have a site. Rocketex will be including a free opensource bot for anyone who wants to run a sidechain community. We'll also be providing an on chain contract for token distribution which will automate it in the sidechain which will not cost anything close to 30 dollars an edit. In fact the bot will not have a cost other than edits, you will only need to be staked to use the contract.

The reason we're stepping away from steem-engine is that we don't have as much freedom and we can work on our own timelines. This does not mean were fully stepping away from steem. It means we're looking to make steem grow and feel by reaching outwards pulling companies in this is the best way to help the chain succeed and the chain will be able to do more in the long run.


ROX will also be used for the token generation, and contracts usage. The only way to get coins after the start is pretty much mining only.

Between this and the 35 sites, we already have contracted to move onto steem and our sidechain system it all looks good.

To the future of steem!

안녕하세요 rocketex님

좋은 하루 보내세요!!


  ·  작년

Witness notes are trendy now. First Steem then EOS showed the world that it works very efficiently when people are responsible for decentralized economy


We will have very in-depth documentation

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Hey nice info

  ·  작년

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good project !!!

Congratulations @rocketex!
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This is a great development for steem. Let's see how Rox rock our world

Thanks for the post.

will be launching a fully decentralized smart contract platform under the name DappNet within two weeks.

At what stage of this project are you now?