Ronaldo will miss the opening match 2 examples.

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Ronaldo will miss the opening match 2 examples.

31-year-old Portuguese international striker was damaged edialnoi collateral ligament in his left knee in the final match of Euro 2016 with France (1: 0) and had to leave the field on a 25 th minute vstrechi.Iznachalno reported that Ronaldo will miss a month, that will not let him to play in the match for the European Super Cup with Sevilla.

We now know more accurate timing recovery Portuguese. According to the recommendations of doctors, to completely eliminate the risk of recurrence, Ronaldo will need another month, during which he held a course of procedures for the complete recovery after injury, says the publication Marca.

Thus, Cristiano will not play in the two rounds, starting in the Examples with Real Sociedad and Celta. Also, he will be forced to miss the match Portugal team under the selection for the 2018 World Cup with Switzerland, which will take place on 6 September.

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