A Role Model Steemian; Credo Kommunity, A Community For Promoting Steemit, Bringing Newbies And Investors, Mentoring And Supporting Members On Quality Content

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A big thank you to @anomadsoul for his kind gesture toward reputable steemians and community building. Also a special thanks to @blocktrades for the delegation to @anomadsoul. This is an entry to @anomadsoul contest; A Role Model Steemian.

From your definition to who a role model is, I can tell that @credo is a role model. @credo is a community account geared toward making steemit a better place for both steemians and investors.



Credo Kommunity is a non profit community on steemit. Its a group of people with an agenda to promote steemit to both potential steemians and investors in every city all over the world. Bringing these investors and steemians into one platform, promote and rewarding quality and original content of our member.


To Promote Steemit, register newbies, get investors and support members quality and original content on steemit.


Building an enabling environment for individuals to join and grow on the steemit blockchain.

To know more about Credo Community, see Introducing Credo Kommunity; A Steemit Community To Promote Steemit, Register newbies, Bring Investors to the Steem(it) Blockchain and Support Members to have a Great Time On The Steem(it) Blockchain

We support member of the community by mentorship, giving up-to-date information on steemit and related events. We advised them on others communities to join, tags to use and tips to make their posts more quality and attract upvotes. We recorded over 20 entries in the last @anomadsoul contest; My 2017; Welcoming The New Year. amongst other contests like #untalented.

We dont just stop at giving them information we follow up on their posts to ensure they are doing the right thing. It doesn't stop their as we go further to ensure the get the necessary upvote.
This can be seen in My 2017; Welcoming The New Year. contest by @anomadsoul, where some entries from Credo Kommunity was missed and we did a follow up and they all received the require upvotes from @anomadsoul. See link here; My 2017: Welcoming this new year! - CONTEST! 250 Steem in Prizes!
and screen shot below.

We do well to curate all quality content from members of the community, even with our low SP and we advise other members to do same while we call the attention of curators from other community too. Our Curation has earned us first and Second place in a row in the Steemit: The Curation Leagues - 10 STEEM in Prizes available!
. See screenshot bellow;
Week one

Week two

We have and still making several attempt to get loan or delegation to support members of our community. We recently made a move to pitch a loan from #promo-steem community to lease SP which we will use to curate quality contents from members. Here is the post; #PROMO-STEEM PROMOTIONAL LOAN PITCH

As a non profitable community, we convert all earnings to SP to be able to support post from our community, we have made several attempt to lease SP from @minnowbooster but our bid wasn't successful so we have power up all earnings. This can be seen in @credo wallet.

Attempt to rent delegation

Power up of earnings

What I will do if I win the contest;

  • I will use the SP to reward more members of the community
  • I will get more members through our promotional campaigns and curate them
  • I will get all inactive account to be active again as I can now reward better.
  • I will also curate comments on @credo and members blog.
  • I will also start a contest where people will be rewarded.


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Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.
credo all the way 😉


Thanks @tekadii, you've been of great support to the community.

Credo has really supported our stay her and I know credo will do more to me and others if delegated


Thanks @kandylopez, @credo will continue support all and with the delegation it will become better