Don't Blink (roleplay DW)

2년 전

Brian was a kind soul, but also one you would not want to cross. He taught me how to handle firearms and to always protect our assets no matter the cost. While he took his turn to put the children to bed, I walked into the kitchen for a glass of wine.
The storm had picked up its pace and lightning began striking every few minutes. Out of corner of my eye I watched a shadow moving across the porch. I watched the area like a hawk, awaiting the next strike to cast its light.
Silently I set my cup on the table and walked into the living room. With a quick move of my head, I sent a few of the men out to take a look around the house.
They split in groups of two and a few others stayed inside, one going to the back door. I heard a scuttle as the next strike hit. The glint of a knife went past the back door. Brian came downstairs in a rush after hearing a commotion. With my finger to my lips I hushed him, assuring him the men were handling it.
Jack came in and told us what they found, while he half dragged a man into the house and dropped him at Brian's feet.
" Who the hell are you! Who are you working for!"
After no response, Brian motioned for Jack to check his pockets.

"Sir, seems he works for @ady-was-here."

I squinted my eyes and said "you know what to do, Jack."

Let's see how the stories will pan out. Hope you like what you read, and maybe do your own stories if you play Drugwars.

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