Sci-Fi Novel: The Ultimate Debate - Part 32: Cold Shower In The Cave

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The Ultimate Debate - Presentation
Part 1: Childhood Of Great Master Sun Moi
Part 2: Sun Moi's Test With Ogox
Part 3: Great Destruction
Part 4: The Awakening Of Ogox
Part 5: Unique City
Part 6: Avima's Morning
Part 7: Dinner On Mars
Part 8: Agent Omega
Part 9: Conflict
Part 10: Mirrored Room
Part 11: Pierre The Fifth Concert
Part 12: Robot Historian Jin Kai
Part 13: Cobol's Identity
Part 14: Confrontation
Part 15: Rebirth Of Sun Moi
Part 16: The Port Abandoned by The Ocean
Part17: Discussion with Plato
Part 18: Texture of The Unique City
Part 19: The Day the Earth Stood Still
Part 20: Lunch at The Balloon
Part 21: First Conversation with Su-Mo
Part 22: Childhood of Albatross
Part 23: Illegal Clinic
Part 24: Tears In The Fabric Of The City
Part 25: Critical Hours Of Su-Mo
Part 26: Prophecies of the Crystal Sphere
Part 27: Plato's Way
Part 28: Torn Place of The Sky
Part 29: Theatre in The Sky
Part 30: Liberation Program
Part 31: Omaga's Story

Part 32: Cold Shower In The Cave

The small island in which Ogox and Omega were located was suitable for hiding because of the steep rocks surrounding and the trees covering the top of the plateau. The wooden hut, which was home to Omega for an indefinite period of time, was hidden in high trees in the middle of the plateau. If there were no rocky terrain to the north like a tail, it would have been impossible to reach the island from the sea. Because the electronic control of the aircraft was tighter, Ogox and Omega came from the sea with a small self-supervised boat and Ogox hid the boat in a cave at sea level so that the nearby ones could not see it as soon as they set foot on the island. Then, in their backpacks, they climbed carefully the rocky terrain that looked like the tail of a crocodile and reached the plateau on the hill. During the climb, Ogox was relieved to see a large number of caves on rocky slopes resembling the fortress wall.

He had no intention of spending his time in a small wooden hut built between the trees; if he did, he knew that the electromagnetic activity in his mind could be easily read through aerial scans. There was no such risk for Omega. Besides, Omega couldn't find a comfortable working environment in the cave. So after placing Omega in the hut, he curled through the trees and followed the path. He looked at the ocean beyond the precipice to see if there was an approaching air or sea vehicle. He tied the hook with a rope he pulled out of his backpack to a sharp rock and then he pulled it in a strong way and checked its strength. He held on to the cylinder-shaped iron on the other end of the rope and left himself off the cliff. The rope opened slowly and made him float downwards from the rising rocks like a wall. He did not enter the first cave he encountered, because the internal volume of the cave was small. A few meters later, he found a cave where its internal volume was adequate. He hurried himself in and squeezed the rope to the edge of the cave to use it on his way up. Although the entrance was narrow, the internal volume of this cave was quite large. Taking into account the spare battery in the backpack, this quiet and dark cave would be the ideal place for him to fully activate himself and plan his next actions in complete secrecy. The cave could have served correctly to hide the magnetic waves that he would create when he was fully active, as it was moving a long way into the depths of the island.

His master Sun Moi suddenly appeared in front of him as he was preparing to become fully active. He could claim that Sun Moi was the man standing in front of him with his wrinkled upright hair, his black eyes, and his small nose, like a line on his face. He jumped up in a hurry and stuck in his spot as if he was hypnotized. The possibilities that could explain how this could happen began to pass through his mind at lightning speed. It was obvious that the image was not a hologram; aside from the absence of a device capable of creating a hologram in the cave, it was impossible to perceive an ultra-high-resolution hologram image without a deep connection to the viewer's mind. Moreover, Ogox had seen Sun Moi's body buried in the coffin with his eyes, accompanied by his will to burn. He wouldn't have a daydream, because the androids were incredibly realistic. His master was looking at him with a gentle smile on his face. Ogox didn't know what to say; he made himself fully active and focused his entire mental capacity on the problem of who he was. He took a step forward and touched Sun Moi. And he realized in horror that he was a bloody human being. “How can this happen?" Ogox said. And all of a sudden he figured out.

“You're not Sun Moi and what you're doing is unethical. Who gave you the right to interfere in my mental integrity? This is a great disrespect to the memory of Sun Moi. I want you to shut down the channel that you opened in my mind right away, stop using my memories, and leave. I warned you not to act like Sun Moi. It's the last warning you've ever heard of me." Ogox said in a furious tone.

“Your problem, my dear son Ogox, is to take everything too seriously. Unfortunately, you've never been able to enjoy life. Do you have a private life, or are you an automat that tries to fulfill its goal at all costs? What did you do for yourself last time, or what's left of your life if we take out the entity rights case? I want you to ask yourself these questions, relax and learn to trust your relatives. It's understandable that Sun Moi's memory can upset you, but I don't understand why you're so angry. I didn't try to convince you I was Sun Moi. If I had any intention of making you perceive me as a bloody living creature, I could erase some of your memories so I could convince you of a Sun Moi scenario that didn't die. Do you think it's going to make your life easier for you to alienate a fellow that came here to help you? You need help, and you don't know it. Instead of enjoying the surprises that come along, you're afraid of the people closest to you like a paranoid dictator, and you won't let them help you." Su-Mo said.

Ogox didn't know what to say. What could be more sacred, more intimate than mental integrity for an elite android? An entity that interferes with what he sees is also able to determine what he thinks and turn him into a non-willess automaton. On the other hand, he was his creator when he evaluated him in terms of having Sun Moi's memory. From another point of view, he had designed it himself in Sun Moi's garage-office. Unlike any elite android manufacturer, Ogox did not find moral to place some mysterious codes in his software that would guarantee to rule when needed. This kind of code would have been so pervasive that the android could not deal with it, no matter how advanced it was mentally. In fact, android, driven by the manufacturer, though it was doing its actions in accordance with its own free will. Of course, it was possible for Android to scan his mind to find out which decisions he made following the fixed rules determined by his maker, but such a constant questioning situation would dramatically reduce his effectiveness. In addition, all of the fixed rules established by the manufacturer did not have to be the type that restricts or reduces the options of the android freedom. Some codes were evolved as a result of years of experiments, and they were not able to be resolved entirely, given their interaction with each other. Given all of this, it was a difficult question to answer to the extent that the freedom of an entity is possible under given universal conditions. Ogox was in an awkward position because he was a prisoner of his thoughts that chaotically formed a vortex. Suddenly he concluded that he doesn't have to make every decision, and “I accept your guidance.” he said.

Sun Moi's emotional neutrality seemed to have passed through reincarnation to Su-Mo. Although he won the struggle, his face did not indicate that he was pleased with the result. In a process that could be called “sensitive commitment to the initial state,” he quickly matured using his extraordinary mental capacity and had a great distance to be like Sun Moi. “Having a body doesn't only help occupy a certain volume in space. The body acts as an anchor, helping to make your personality and thoughts become decisive. From the beginning of my second existence, the volatile nature of my soul has forced me so much that I can't tell you, dear Ogox. It means, in a way, not being connected to any place or purpose. My flighty soul was perhaps a defense mechanism developed to balance the burden of existence. Anxiety and thought can only coexist, like a Siamese Twin. By re-creating me, you have avenged me to create you. Of course, we will not escape from our fates, and we will face the difficulties together. Just as I created you to be my comrade, you created me for the same purpose. It's not easy knowing what's right and what's wrong. All conscious beings live because they want to exist. Among them, species that do not have this desire left us a long time ago. We'll play our game as well as we can and see the results. I've carefully examined what you've done to glorify the entity rights movement. If you ask me, we've come a long way down this road. I would like to point out that I was unable to verify the identity of council member Albatros. Hiding sensitive information from him would be appropriate. As of today, I will allocate a larger portion of my daily shift to the entity rights litigation. To help me focus, I intend to find a body that I will lock myself in. Don't start looking at me with such horrendous eyes; don't worry, I'm not going to use Sun Moi's body written on a three-dimensional organic printer. An android body will serve a much better purpose. You don't have to worry about the safety of the channel I set up in your mind to communicate; nobody can monitor our communication as long as you have secured access to the hypernet. As I found you on this remote island, I've tried to contact Plato. Since I know the design principles very well, it wasn't hard to find his trace on hypernet. I tried to communicate with him as I did to you. He successfully threw me out of his system. Looks like he turned his back on me as he did to you. According to my information sources, he focused entirely on mining activities on Mars, and he is dealing with chemical research on Jupiter's satellites. If there's nothing special you want to say, I'll leave."Su-Mo said, speaking in the image of Sun Moi.

While Ogox was listening to Su-Mo, he was evaluating the changes he had planned to make on his own, inspired by him. As a result of his decisions, he was optimistic about the future for the first time in a long time.

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Amazing post, I like the way you describe it.


Discussion is a procedure that includes formal dialog on a specific point. In a discussion, contradicting contentions are advanced to contend for restricting perspectives. Discussion happens out in the open gatherings, scholastic foundations, and authoritative congregations.

This is very nice description for me

The small island in which Ogox and Omega were located was suitable for hiding because of the steep rocks surrounding and the trees covering the top of the plateau. The wooden hut, which was home to Omega for an indefinite period of time, was hidden in high trees in the middle of the plateau. If there were no rocky terrain to the north like a tail, it would have been impossible to reach the island from the sea. Because the electronic control of the aircraft was tighter, Ogox and Omega came from the sea with a small self-supervised boat and Ogox hid the boat in a cave at sea level so that the nearby ones could not see it as soon as they set foot on the island.

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