A Very Good King (6)

3년 전

He was investigating the queen with all manners of evil ideas to resist her husband's bid to marry a second wife.
The beloved daughter of the king, the three of them who were Adeaze, Ugomma, Olaedo desire that their father marries a second wife.
They wished to have a brother who would prosper their father's throne.
But on the contrary their mother, Queen Adanna felt that her status in the palace and in the kingdom will be neglected.
gwe Nkume discovered that even his beloved queen is not very happy about his recent decision on getting a second Lolo.


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Sounds like hes a polygamist


I think it is cultural.


Maybe so polygamous ways that we're brought down since ages ago

Thank you so much for the story that I have enjoyed many fun and enjoyed many fun


thank you.

Nice post