The up vote miner "offers life long up votes for the players by just one comment"

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How it works and Tutorial

when you are doing your first job you will get a 10% post up vote. it will always be there by playing the game you can grow it over time up to 80%.

wounded soldiers are returning to the city the bandit camp was stronger then first expected the gurds and a few villager need to regroup and come up whit a better plan. even whit this bad news the life goes by in the small city, and no time to rest


photos from pixabay


What one job will you do this time?

  • work in the Gold mine 2x gold up votes on comments
  • TheLumberjack adding a +3% on your post up vote.
  • Jone the Guards as a Soldier (single player) the castle guards are defeated, but go out take out one of the bandit guarding the stronghold (one a hit to get him)

Reward +2% 3 comment up votes (-2 comments up vote on using the amulet)

Jone the town as a workers (multiplayer only) with all wounded from the attack help and heal them by assisting the doctor in the city he has too much work
(minimum heal 2 soldiers) (more get the bonus)

Reward +4% and 2 gold up voted. (bonus +1 comments per hit over the minimum amount)
(-1 comments up vote on using the amulet)

How to play the Soldier or the Worker

The Soldier and the Town worker has two turns using the @ rollthedice its a one hit system the bandits has no attack.
1-3 is a hit and 4-6 is a miss

The amulet you have a option to use a amulet it will give you and +1 to hit. now using the
@ rollthedice and now 1-4 is a hit, and 5-6 is a miss this will lower how much Reward you get. if you are successful.

multiplayer you most inform in the comment who's on the mission to get it accepted.
if and mission is success you can not jone it but you can start a new one in the same post. with new players joining it.

Single player many players can do it in the same post.

if you fail you mission you will only get one comment up voted


Current villagers

@cyber.explorer (up vote level 10%)
@creativetruth (up vote level 19%)
@ecoinstant (up vote level 28%)
@methus (up vote level 80%)
@happyme (up vote level 77%)
@stever82 (up vote level 80%)
@hhayweaver (up vote level 22%)
@ligayagardener (up vote level 27%)
@enjoycompany (up vote level 60%)
@enosh (up vote level 19%)
@mastergerund (up vote level 13%)
@stuffbyspencer (up vote level 10%)
@moncia90 (up vote level 10%)
@secret-art (up vote level 18%)
@maxwellmarcusart (up vote level 33%)
@voxmortis (up vote level 14%)
@improv (up vote level 57%)
@qwerrie (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstar (up vote level 15%)
@trincowski (up vote level 31%)
@quantumdeveloper (up vote level 43%)
@ironshield (up vote level 19%)
@fredkese (up vote level 16%)

max up vote level is 80% when you are hitting the limit. 1% up votes equals to 1 comment up vote. when you getting % in the rewards you will receive up vote instead of the %


  • you can increase you up vote level by Delegation.

+3% up vote. Cost 30 SP
if you are Delegation inform me in the comments


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After the miserable fail last week, I will work the gold mine this week. Hopefully everyone recovers nicely from their wounds that were inflicted upon them by the bandits.


the castle guards has full understanding of it. your work in the gold mine is done and your payment has been payed out

will dig in the gold mine :)


welcome and to Steemit to. :)
you have been payed for your work in the mine, and got the 10% up vote


thank you but This is my second account dedicated to games,and fantasy this is enosh :) i figured that since i love fantasy games and stories I should make it separate to my other main account.


aha hello. it dont matter to me :)
and its a good ide a have two to.

I will dig in the gold mine.


good your payment has been delivered

I will be spending the day in the goldmine working hard


the gold mine is appreciate your help and your payment has been delivered

I will work in the Gold mine

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after a long day in the gold mine you are returning home with your payment

I will work on the gold mine.


going home after a long day in the gold mine with your payment in hand.

Keep at that lumberjack job. Building us some impressive abs.

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the lumber mill are glad they can help on your abs..and by doing so putting you on a 22%



this putting you on and nice 46%



nice. you are now at 19%




no problem :)

I'll be a Lumberjack, this week! Now, let's gather some wood!


with your work done. you are at 34%

Lumberjack work for me as well this week.

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nice now you are on a solid 63%


you are at 36% now :)

I'll play it safe today and work as a lumberjack.


back to 80% :)



@morningshine 老K 迎着大雪 带着娃 给您送来
软哥@softmetal独家代言 单身热狗

吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~