up vote miner "Small mini game RPG" bonus Hardfork +15% to new players +2x up votes all players

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How it works and Tutorial

when you are doing your first job you will get a 15% "HF21 week" post up vote. it will always be there by playing the game you can grow it over time up to 80%.

its a lot of discontent on the new HF21 but lets see a few days and then we can complaint. in the mean time
new players get a 15% HF21 bonus and all player get 2x up votes.

work on the harbor is done the berms has been placed and the walkway is done. merchant ships are arriving, one merchant ships are buying venison hide and meat at a good price. after the lumberyard had a record week they have reported a normal number of workers. the life in the city are good but a lot of work need to be done no time to rest


photos from pixabay


What one job will you do this time?

  • work in the Gold mine you will get two up votes on comments
  • TheLumberjack adding a +3% on your post up vote.
  • Jone the Guards as a Soldier attack one lonely bandit

Reward +2%, 2 comment up vote (-1 comments up vote on using the amulet)

Jone the Town as a worker (multiplayer only 2 or more players) go out and hunt venison to sell the hide and meat to the merchant ship. per hit you get one hide and meat.

Reward +1% per hide and meat or 2 comments up voted (inform me what you want in the comments)


How to play the Soldier or the Worker

The Soldier and the Town worker has two turns using the @ rollthedice its a one hit system the bandits has no attack.
1-3 is a hit and 4-6 is a miss

The amulet you have a option to use a amulet it will give you and +1 to hit. now using the
@ rollthedice and now 1-4 is a hit, and 5-6 is a miss this will lower how much Reward you get. if you are successful.

multiplayer you most inform in the comment who's on the mission to get it accepted.
if and mission is success you can not jone it but you can start a new one in the same post. with new players joining it.

if you fail you mission you will only get one comment up voted


Current villagers

@cyber.explorer (up vote level 10%)
@creativetruth (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstant (up vote level 28%)
@methus (up vote level 61%)
@happyme (up vote level 69%)
@stever82 (up vote level 68%)
@hhayweaver (up vote level 22%)
@ligayagardener (up vote level 27%)
@enjoycompany (up vote level 44%)
@enosh (up vote level 10%)
@mastergerund (up vote level 13%)
@stuffbyspencer (up vote level 10%)
@moncia90 (up vote level 10%)
@secret-art (up vote level 18%)
@gamezine (up vote level 10%)
@maxwellmarcusart (up vote level 22%)
@voxmortis (up vote level 14%)
@improv (up vote level 39%)
@qwerrie (up vote level 10%)
@ecoinstar (up vote level 15%)
@trincowski (up vote level 16%)
@quantumdeveloper (up vote level 21%)


  • you can increase you up vote level by Delegation.

+3% up vote. Cost 30 SP
if you are Delegation inform me in the comments


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Woops! Did I miss this week?
Gold mine if its not too late.


sure way not..:)


Thanks a lot!

I wanna try working at the Gold mine, please.


after a long day in the gold mine you return home and have received your payment. your up votes are done

I'll be a lumberjack once again!


noted you are at 19% and your bonus votes has been paid out

I work as jones the guard in order to keep the vicinity cleared off bandits against the arrival of the merchant ship so I @rollthedice

Posted using Partiko Android


Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 3.


the bandit is down. the guards are glad for your service. you are at 24% and you bonus up votes and the mission votes are done.

Seeing as the bandit is down I'll work as a lumberjack this time.

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you are now at 47% your bonus votes are done. technically the soldier quest can be done meany times in the same post.


Awesome.e I'll get some comments done today

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:) now they are done.

Lumberjack please.


excellent you are at 64% and your bonus votes are on the way.

I will be a Lumberjack this week.


nice you are now at 71% and your bonus votes are done

I'll work as a lumberjack this week. Thank-you!


nice you are at 72% your bonus up votes are done


you are at 42% and your bonus up votes are done


nice you are at 24% your bonus votes are done