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“I admit to a specialized occupation, which in fact has not so much as acquired a name. Not to put too keen an edge on it, I wait under gallows until the corpse drops, whereupon I assume possession of the clothes and valuables. I find little competition in the field; the work is dull, and I will never become wealthy, but at least it is honest, and I have time to daydream.”

― Jack Vance, Suldrun's Garden

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  1. Blüming, 30 : nekwervels are telling me for hours to stop BUT i'm not sure why they do that like that but after moving loops and hoops for over an hour i find that definig a=b=c=0 for some reason changes the value of a to the value of c in javascript when the value of c is filled in . . . (??!?) i thought it was just a short way of writing (since in parsed lingo and http downloads bytevolume counts and such, which is why you get -min-versions and stuff but im still not convinced or maybe im confusing it and its not like that in php, whereas in the dark basic it cant even be written like that , and perl is so long ago i dont remember. But it works .. at the cost of seeing daylight, risking my mental health and probably being broken until tuesday it works, yes (yay! as in : there was nothing wrong with my whole this and that constructs i spent altering for over an hour, it was the salmon mousse ... im guessing for some reason declaring like that just creates pointers to the same data (for some unfathomable reason, its not like i went to school for anything IT ever ...) o well ... that should get me a nice zero Euros but the satisfaction of slapping myself for not quitting an hour ago and checking it back tonight since i will physically pay for this :) - afterthought as i stumble down the stairs : but maybe it applies to properties but not to variables and thats why the confusion , i should see that for myself, if i can remember that i had to when i wake up :) :) lets hope it rains today
  2. Blüming, 30 : well now, if microsoft says "we like RUST" i guess that's a no-go seeing as they have the worst, slowest, heaviest operating system in the universe that takes about 30 minutes to boot into something that can move but that aside .. i cant say im new to javascript anymore but the this and the that ... where i first didnt see that a button was attached to the button that created it instead of the scene containing all i now find myself in full daylight with an issue where i call something by the name of 'caste' and it gets me an object i defined as 'age' with all the values stored in 'age' BUT - i get no errors - it just addresses the other one and I DONT GET IT :) ... i can fix it by acting normal but its ofcourse not nice to not get it ...
  3. Blüming, 30 : because of the increased pressure with lockdown eased my focus is dissolving so things arent really going forward since a week or two but its mostly on character generation site-wise and otherwise the client. As for the current soap-drama on planet Crypton. I dont think i need to explain myself but ... the account in questions traces back to someone who has been on Steemit since august 2016. How all the articles and newssites speak about "origin unknown" is a riddle to me as its right there (its what they call a public ledger ... so *no comment* ) ,however i have seen Steem-Engine tokens disappearing, vanishing into thin air and i have not seen any re-funds in my wallet , not one promille steem actually. So i take it, its a nice excuse at the moment to take the money and run and blame it on the bad guys but, opinion aside, that does not agree with my wallet and my money and since i'm not here to fight someone else fight ... i am selling all tipu tokens and will switch what i get from that to delegation back to tipu, as i am absolutely not dis-satisfied with tipu but the idea of Steem-Engine upping one day and deciding its time to cash out with zero guarantee that i get anything back has been nagging me for a few weeks. I was hoping to keep delegation strictly to players who play with steem wallets later but i need the passive. There's a whole lot of legal Belgium around here (belgium) i can not just scam myself into existence like twitter or something, startup, make NO money for a decade while getting paid and then sell out for billions is just not possible here. Elder-Triffid moves is just not happening here. Basically what i CAN is CREATE and open it up free to play and then accept grants like patreon "as long as im not selling anything" .. believe it or not , but thats how it is, unless i get lotsa money to start making money and with this that is not going to be 1-2-3 ... hence and thats about it since my personal opinion on the current situation is a bit sharper but thats all so far above my head it doesn't matter. The game will be developped anyway, instead of steem-exclusive it will have "crypto-wallet-as-an-option" (if there's anything left of any of it by then) and we'll see. It's not a product after all, im not searching the market to see what the hot buns are, its something i *want to do* , as alien as that might sound here ... thats what it is. gud ... so the tipu delegation will be circular reinvested until i deem it enough, as for the rest voting is voting and when the game is the game i shall see what i'll see and decide what i'll decide :) ... and to the few people who have been regularly voting without almost ever missing a beat : THANK S A LOO O O O O O OT , i hope i wont disappoint when i release in 2150 ... (i always see 2150 ...) its not really a joke, earlier today i saw the gameplay trailer for Baldurs Gate 3 (nostalgia really , used to play that for hella-lots with an old friend on LAN at my house when the world was young) and read up some about it .. they basically received the franchise from wizards of the coast in 2017 ... now its 2020 and they plan to move into early access . Now here we are talking a complete development studio , backed with WOTC-money (and the wizards DO have a dollar or two) with experienced people who already put out several games (Divinity a.o. which is pretty well known) and its three years in the making ... so this is me, myself and i, i think 2150 is a realistic estimate ;-) , but we'll see what we'll see when we see it. Ik dank u voor uwwwaandacht ... mh , not much to say because i only just found out that bit and its irrelevant , theres a ton of factors pushing stuff in all directions and then there was this pandemic thing too (which , from what i see outside is completely over ... but i missed the memo on that)
  4. Blüming, 27 : after some sound and actual advice it actually seems like a practical idea to completely remove personal opinion, issues and business from the game-site and that's what's going to happen from here . Might be a tough cookie at first (for me it is) but im just gonna have to b/c i wanna (now at least grins).

  5. i didnt do like daily updates to the updates log since its just tinkering on the client but i think i have most of it down, the language is basic (structured) but compiled its not really complicated to learn/understand and it performs just fine, it accepts c++ too in the same documents if i understand correctly so maybe over time this is good b/c i dont know one iota of c++ but as far as i know thats closer to machine level and i really like to be, but the basic is structured in a way that's actually i dont know how to call it .. ? raw ? not too many fancy aliases or 40 ways of doing the same thing (i always wonder of the impact that has on parsers like php or javascript where you sometimes literally have aliases that do exactly the same thing (for some kind of i dont know what reason but as far as my sight goes that means the parser has x many more words and constructs if has to iterate over (or skip in a manner) but i dont know enough about that to speak on it and it doesnt really matter since i been hurring so much about "no code" environments

    i think thats scary : thats like microsoft saying : you dont need to know ANYTHING, just buy windows and all the programs will write themselves

    i fail to see how that is gud

    but i guess im oldskool lol

    yea, not just when it comes to that


    the state of the state : from the last day i was figuring out what went where for the client :

like 1-2-3

its really pretty straightforward working with (the development thing)

but theres a zound factors defining what is in the way at all times from all directions ... : and since it has so many views im not really too bothered and i dont feel pressure on that matter (lol)

but im still gonna do it since i was gonna do it cos i wanna do it, not b/c its hot buns for 2020

hmm ... everything i say is mis-interpreted seven times before someone comes along and says a HA ! when i saw "raw" thats good i mean good ... a cpu has only that many opcodes (if its still called that) and thats gonna go for gpu's as well i suppose so the more words your programming language has the "higher" its level ... its a bit of a weird way of phrasing it since "high-level" by default means "slower" (python for instance is in essence a mortal sin to run on supercomputers after spending that many billions on the hardware, since its actually not 100% and its pretty hungry too BUT programmers dont need to understand the machine 100% to use it, its a trade-off ... (im probably preaching heresy here now but that IS what it is , do correct me if i'm wrong) ... dark basic has stuff i havent seen in basic like actual bitwise ror and rol and direct access to work with memory blocks and all that so yea its pretty cool ... since im not versed in glsl i think im gonna buy the shader pack and take that from there too , things always work better with a slice of code instead a classroom and a teacher imo

but ... thats not really actually game-related ... (on top of that since its compiled i can actually work with everything i can work with that ends executable and run one calling from the other no matter what its written in its Jeff Minter's : if you can think of it, you can program it, right ?

so thats yea ... goals for patreon, euhm ...

  1. continuation of the webserver ofc that doesnt come out of my beermoney
  2. euhm ...yea good question ..
  3. someone to do my patreon page since i suck at marketing and euhm
    ... yea well ... when it gets there


Decided to use some of our yearly budget of : currenty : 0 euro (lol haha) to spread some love so :

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  • theres certainly a few more i wouldnt mind showing appreciation but for now 0/3 = 1 . I'm looking into one for mine but i have contacted the ministry of soviet culture first to see if im actually allowed to keep a dollar for myself without being a tax-terrorist under the current conditions and states and if not if maybe it would be allowed to just swap it for stuff like hosting or hardware for machines to work on. I doubt ill get the 5000 or more a month needed to just get the documents and fees to start up a registered business any time soon and i sure as hell dont need THE state to come up with another way of taking everything+1 for the umpteenth time heh ...

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  • GG : 6035 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
  • UFM : 4925 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !
  • the others are quentities not really worth mentioning
  • CCC : i had 5443 staked last time i check but it looks like creativecoin , (so did neoxian and palnet apparently so im guessing there will be more) just took the money ... hm, from the looks of it i just noticed Neox took the money and ran too ... that's so very steemit :) ... caveat emptor, you have NO guarantee

for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

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i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

no salespitch

no mediahype

the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

*Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
(tyr - nan - noght)

for more you can check out :

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Facebook four or five weeks later they're 'reviewing my submission' still i dont think doucheberg likes me much

any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

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