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“have been prisoner, slave, fugitive, and now king, which I prefer.”

― Jack Vance, Suldrun's Garden

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  1. The Burning, 22 : updates ... a relative concept but safe to say im more 'on it' than the people who are STILL selling dark and light as early access ... there's no laws for that, right ? consumer protection ? well mm ... i was just lying on the floor taking lessons in meditation from ShiroGiHeh (his latest name) and i realized : 4 million bits (flags/booleans) is half a million bytes, is 500 megabyte give or take ... for a small/starter map like washed-up beach 100x100 tiles each have 20x20 subsections(representing 250m²), on exploration data like "the map you know since what you last saw" (if you dont go out much and you find yourself one block down it might have changed a LOT since last time) : bottom line : 500 megabyte per player exploration data for one zone, i cant possibly keep that on the server. Is what i was thinking (among other stuff like : govt contemplating extra new lockdown measures as cases rise, southside they doubled in a week and a 3yo kid has died from it) and other stuff like the universe and stuff, is what i was thinking ... system requirements : celeron cpu , 2 terabyte of Hard Drive space lmao ... hemm, well celeron probably not, although the website and the phaser bits can do that the client is just testrunning in proto-mode on an amd 4300 and a radeon older than yo momma, 3d at 30fps but turnbased ... so far so good - thats a shitload of data and i dont want all-procedural, ... mountain ranges ... established settlements 'n stuff . PBR horde coming up in the spotlight ... if i had besos money i could give everyone a dollar but probably ... if i were besos id just give them a dollar to steal their stuff, heh ... (so it seems)
  2. The Burning, 21 : wether its been an update to any of the used applications or another hole in space i have no clue but i find myself modifying stuff from a month ago that seems to have worked all the time but seems to bypass all the checks included - ... for no reasons given, so microsoft is probably involved ... yes, i hurr "ONLY SPEAK WHAT YOU DO WELL" ... that way EVERYONE can get the silly notion they can program the WoW-killer and take over Unreal Engine 6 , because its EASY and nothing ever goes wrong .. with a BIG smile and Positive ! and you end up with a lot of broke people in debt with broken dreams ... OFCOURSE ! lets have apple teach everyone no-coding from scratch! the governments will pay ! ... and after that : EVERYONE a STEM-career ! ... i honestly dont know why it wont take what it took since i didnt change anything and it obviously worked since i didnt notice for a month - "the ghost in the machine". Be careful ! i think they saw a guy with a cat holding a cup of coffee, there seems to have been red alert and a lot of noise in thirdspace ... Yea ... best i can think of is due to how php treats 0 (zero), it seems to be able to be a statement by itself and also the same as NULL and/or false which can lead to some confusion and return empty as well. Which does not explain why i only now find that it doesnt give the 10 lines of error i put inthere, b/c i DID check those and more than once by now . BUT , ... all my switch statements have "its impossible to get here" as default (which it should be). So we are VERY excited to announce that we never had any bugs in the 50 years it took to develop and no one made a single syntax error, because we are always positive and life is never bad ! , and THEN : ERROR : failed to get byte from memblock 1, offset -197 is greater than memblock size 50 in main ... "shit happened" the worst error is NO error - or is it, C, precious, sql doesn't show in apache-log there unless you manually print it ... it basically comes down to my own browser so i cant just print error messages in the response, you see ? do you ? then why are you still telling me - 8am, savestate a4 ! hallelujah - should have taken 30 minutes, took 3 nights cuz cant focus, interrupts en drukkerland is hell, but dont talk about that, you only have to tell them how GREAT you are ! (and be excited about it) while smiling ...
  3. The Burning, 19 : wow , despite the incessant background noise and the something in the air b/c the silence is too loud, SO loud it is suspicious (but what is not in hick-hell-hole?) i think i might actually go to the first server call ... for movement .. all that was covered on the washed-up beach phaser <->php scripts but this is different and i think those things they put in my food have caused more permanent damage. The compiler is acting funny again. I THINK maybe i cant use a variable to a constant or something its really funny . Maybe i should scrap again and start from scratch in C , its not like its going anywhere anyway. Like this life you stole from me :) (<-big positive smile!)- oh wow ... this fixed itself in under 5 minutes ... constants are like linux substitutions here, what i wanted was global, OKAY ! ... gud .. still doesnt explain the FPS wobble but most of the compiler stuff (i assume) will make sense one way or another - it kinda has to or it wouldnt work (bad practice is for oil in pipelines, no one but me has to read it , i wont fall for that again)...u huh ... so #constant bla variablecontent() would work but constant bla bla wouldnt if bla = 0 et al ... global a$ = '' ; a$ = bla$ would work but global a$ = bla$ wouldnt ... its dawning, i dont see why but i guess it will have its reasons
  4. The Burning, 16 : so ... there's do while and repeat until available, not just do (exit) loop ... that will sure come in handy, time to rearrange and throw out the dishwater then ... as for choice, im perfectly willing to let someone who can't swim walk into deep sea or water, but terrain that cant be walked cant be walked, i think the UI can accomodate that far (so far) ... but im supposed to be lofty i hear , and DO things for the world that didnt for me ... i dont think thats gonna happen though, you wasted my life, now you're wasting time , yours AND mine ...
  5. The Burning, 15 : although 1 mystery showed itself ... b/c the cursor was still moving around but not visible the pointer actually hits the cursor (even if its transparent it marks the whole plane - ofc ...) so it only highlights the borders that dont show the cursor over it (even when invisible) ... which now makes total sense, but still not the FPS-thing, the FPS thing is time-related, not "that many hours running" but early morning related ... like someone is trying to poke in and tap without cables attached ...
  6. The Burning, 15 : not that it matters anymore i guess but since i was gonna, im gonna anyway - somewhat overhauling #stuff as custom datatypes > arrays in most cases there - a bit worried i lose what i gained in php and javascript due to syntaxing and errors , delimiters and in general #stuff. By the time STEEM is worth something the cold war between us and china probably has it on one side only (and europe aint one of two) but i didnt count on that anyway since they wrecked morgan and afaik even Patreon is a hassle when living in belgium SO ... assuming no one's gonnna pay a million up front e.t.a. is still 2150 :) ... a wew ... Jaja volle gaas ... freedom of speech for everyone (unheard of heretic points from a very controversial figure) ... countermanded by someone with no political color who seems to talk an awful lot about politics .. my guess is : gent, zeker , meid ? AOW ! pinkie and kanamori says NO ... if i start with THAT, tweetering, im gonna be busy 25 hours and 8 days doing nothing at all instead of trying to get something done ... and certainly not happening on the game account. Before my harem-brides cut me off for the rest of the year, hm.... doesn't really matter since who the hell reads any of it but the stalkers ? (always looking for something to prove what never was but after so many years they just HAVE to b/c otherwise they were wrong all this time you see, and that cant be ...) One prangende vraag remains : the FPS thing, it seems to be time-related ... earlie in the morning (realtime) it drops 3 to 8 FPS ... no matter what i put on screen or what i swing around. The pc is offline, always - i can NOT make that make sense, unless Drill the alien is causing energy fluctuations around sunrise in van drukkerland.
  7. The Burning, 15 : ah and also ... the missing 3 fps which wasnt is back with a vengeance and is now 7fps ... especially it started showing after zooming in and it draws 1000 polygons less ... i must be more of an amateur than i thought since i dont get it. Okay ... i get a difference of 2000 polygons in the same state after switching .. i get 3 fps less on 1000 polygons less AND on a zoom-out i get 60.000 count instead of 7000 ... im gonna re-boot and see if its a leak (again) - so ... boot , run , 29fps shoots at 30 right away, possible still something boot-ish, 7600 polygons, zoom in to menu ... 6500 polygons ... 28 fps, zoom back out, something wrong with the cam (thats probably something i did myself actually fixing the other thing) 7000 polygons , 28fps, go to zoomlevel 1 ... 62000 polygons (??!???) , 30 FPS !!! ... ehhh , back to zoomlevel 0 , 9000 polygons, somehow makes sense since the bottom layer is still there but the 62.000 does not, there must be something about occlusion i dont understand and i just don't understand how 400 objects(planes) times 2 ends up 7600 polygons to 62000 - im such a noob
  8. The Burning, 15 : something just made sense ... amazing, what a WIN-day ... but somethings else didnt again ... its ... im not sure how all that compilation works but i get the impression it doesnt evaluate combined conditions in the same order every time (if a AND b ... (if a (is true) and b (is true) ) condition b depending on something in a existing , it sometimes and sometimes doesnt so i can only assume on some runs it evaluates a first and on some it evaluates b first ... next thing you know im gonna have to fall back on assembler to make sure i know what my program is doing ... how can you people work like this ? - but IT keeps torturing me in the meantime ofcourse, still assuming if it keeps on damaging enough pain i will eventuall fall into the norms it was programmed to push me into ... instead i have become something very twisted ... but that's irrelevant ... im also stuck in enemy territory, clearly ... but its been really quiet lately ... SO quiet im REALLY convinced someone's up to something. Its been years since it was this calm. The obvious solution would be to just put the conditions in sequence but that doesnt remove my question, which is now stuck in my head. Why does it give an error THIS time and not the next ? there's no sequence to it either it seems random. The raycast acts funny too even with the cam updated (which is hard until you return the updated position after moving it i guess), it puts the cursor on the object where it should be but only highlights the tile when the pointer is at the bottom or right border (of said tile) and THAT, my dear and good friend ... once more ... (ah but these are not problems, my dear ... its 2020, the year where i officially have no future anymore, this is keeping busy to prevent worse ... and NO, i am NOT interested in saving a world that fucked me over ...) GUD never mind, WE ARE VERY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE ... (fill in dots, its always the same, just check the internet for the last five years on about every video ... i think they clone them and then make-up alterations so they dont all look the same ... i swear its the triffids !!!)
  9. The Burning, 13 : yes, i know, but actually i had that BEFORE the lootingrights movement started : you don't pick a gender ... and there's only one race : human ... (you cant play elf but they exist, although rare, as npcs, citizens and henchmen). It wasn't really with pc-principal in mind but i think that should do anyway. No gender but you pick a base avatar which can have bulges where you want them (lol) will that do ? Yes, that will do (but i want to stress i did not intend that BECAUSE .. it was already decided)

    the parable of images and thousand words


    mixed up a bit with doingdailies' stuff but , well ... as i often say , it will be there when its there, estimate E.T.A. : 2150 bc, one century after the food riots. I'm on movement (something pretty basic to get on with it, but i have 3 "zoomlevels" and real servertime that keeps ticking . I needs what i calls 'timelines' but that's just too much and also decided from the start to reveal and speak not under the hood ... (i know, thats not how its done although i never heard any of the AAA+ doing presentations on 'these are our mechanics, if you add 1 here and subtract 2 there you end up O.P. by level 5 ...)
    and it s hobby, right :)

    steer clear of zombie hordes

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    • theres certainly a few more i wouldnt mind showing appreciation but for now 0/3 = 1 . I'm looking into one for mine but i have contacted the ministry of soviet culture first to see if im actually allowed to keep a dollar for myself without being a tax-terrorist under the current conditions and states and if not if maybe it would be allowed to just swap it for stuff like hosting or hardware for machines to work on. I doubt ill get the 5000 or more a month needed to just get the documents and fees to start up a registered business any time soon and i sure as hell dont need THE state to come up with another way of taking everything+1 for the umpteenth time heh ...

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    There seems to be more crap going on. Steemmonsters (splinterlands) fled for HIVE ... (no comment) but steem-engine expects me to use a keystore-app that's provided by ... yabapmatt ... i DID trust them to be fair and straight since i considered them into business, not politics but with this im not really sure ... i certainly dont trust handing my keys to something made by someone who just skips ship regardless of clientele and expects everyone to follow, it must be one of those american things that make zero sense overhere . So these numbers are month-old at best and i can not find another way to transfer and update. All it says is "steemconnect deprecated, please use keychain (by yabapmatt ...)" ... somewhat un-acceptable.

    • GG : 6103 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
    • UFM : 5153 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !
    • the others are quentities not really worth mentioning
    • several coins seem to have disappeared from steem-engine with no warning or refunds - caveat emptor

    for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
    i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

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    i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

    the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

  10. no salespitch

    no mediahype

    the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

    *Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
    (tyr - nan - noght)

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