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My favorite place to visit is the Kemah Boardwalk. This small wonderland overlooks Galveston Bay and is located in Kemah, Texas, about 34 miles from Downtown Houston, Texas.

The Boardwalk is a fun place for all, both young and old. Numerous school districts in and around Galveston and Houston book field trips for their students. Even high school students find the Boardwalk fun.

To me, the most amazing part of the Boardwalk is the variety of menu items available at the different restaurants. And, you can choose to eat inside if the weather is bad. But if the weather is nice and you like to eat outdoors, seating is available so that you can take advantage of the beautiful scenery overlooking the Bay. In my picture below, I was able to capture a seagull in flight.
Many mariners dock their boats minutes away from the Boardwalk. As you can see in my picture above, they take their boats out on the weekends not only for their pleasure, but to showcase them and give the visitors a chance to take pictures and compare boats. Some boats may make several passes through the Bay. It's fun to see the different boats, from small to large with the occupants enjoying themselves on the water.

The restaurants are located facing the Bay (as shown in my picture above) so you can see the boats as they pass by. When we visit, we sit outdoors and watch the pleasure boats while they cruise the Bay.

Our favorite restaurant is Bubba Gump. The food is excellent and reasonably priced. Many items on their menu carry the name of characters from the movie, Forrest Gump. My favorite menu item is Jenny's Catch with Spinach and Lobster Butter Sauce (only 870 calories). This dish fits perfectly with my Diabetic diet, and it tastes delicious. But before you visit Bubba Gump, brush up on your knowledge of the movie. You'll have a fun surprise waiting!

Another great feature of the Boardwalk is their tour boat. Below I captured a group of tourists eagerly waiting for the rest of the passengers to board so they can begin their tour of Galveston Bay.

After eating and enjoying the scenery and mariners, it's time for the kids to enjoy the attractions.
59009009_s 1.jpg

The Boardwalk is a child's dream place to visit. To be a small park, you'll find several different adventurous rides and numerous carnival style games where you get a chance to win prizes. And what would any amusement park be without a train ride, complete with a scary tunnel. My grandchild and I had the best time riding the train that we rode it twice. The Double-Decker-Carosel is also a favorite.

As with any amusement park, bring your comfortable walking shoes. And get ready to have fun.

For the adults, the Kemah Boardwalk Lighthouse District is similar to The Strand in Galveston, Texas where you can browse numerous shops. The Kemah Lighthouse District features numerous events and entertainment on the weekends. Horse-drawn carriage tours are also available. But my favorite places to visit are their antique shops that carry unique collectibles.

Finally, for those of you visiting and wish to spend several days in the surrounding area, the Boardwalk Inn is located right on the Boardwalk, overlooking the restaurants, the Bay, and the amusement rides. I haven't stayed at the hotel.

If you're traveling to Kemah in your RV, there are a couple RV resorts nearby. On one of our trips, we chose the Marina Bay RV Resort.
We're checking into the RV Resort.
Below was our space we reserved for our stay. It was a beautiful section of the resort with shade trees that we definitely took advantage of during our stay.

I recommend Kemah Boardwalk if you plan to visit Houston, Texas or its surrounding areas. You won't regret taking the time to visit this fun place as it won a local Choice Award for Best Attraction and Best Place to Take A Visitor (f).
Below is the contact information:
Kemah, Boardwalk
215 Kipp Ave.
Kemah, TX 77565
Phone: 1.877.285.3624
Fax: 1.281.535.3113



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever you are working on.

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e) All Tribe logos used with permission of Tribe Discord Channel admins; and
f) Keman Board Walk Website

Purchased by me, @justclickindiva, from 123rf
Source1 - Kemah Boardwalk Main Sign
Source2 - Kemah Boardwalk Attractions Sign
Source3 - Kemah Lighthouse District Sign






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Aw, man, bubba-gump. I'd have to go to that one day. Forrest Gump was such an influential film for me :)


Hi @raymondspeaks. Yes, the movie was influential to many. One of my favorites. I catch myself saying a lot of the "one-liners".

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Thanks so much for this exercise with the world map. I learned a lot.

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