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The Demon Barber and coffee

Every person has a hobby, like singing , doing sports, playing musical instruments and etc. As for me, I like drawing. I`m going to show some of my paintings.

I really like this musical horror film with Johnny Depp, which was directed by Tim Borton. I have been Johnny Depp`s fan for a long time. Hope, you will like it!

Art is the way to express your feelings, thoughts and dreams. Once upon a time I decided to exprees my dependence on coffee and tea...and now you can see the result of my work.

Don`t afraid to express yourself in different ways. Thanks for reading and good luck!

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You really captured Johnny Depp's age.

Nice drawings! :)

Hi! Very beautiful


Hello! Thank you :)

Хорошие работы! Маленький совет, если пост на английском, то не ставь первым тегом RU, он является главным и целевая аудитория его не заметит.


Да , это ошибка (