Carbonated spheres with Mojito taste

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mint leaves 12 PCs.;
white rum 170 g;
lime juice 170 g;
water 128 g;
sugar 6 tablespoons.
For decor:
zest of limes;
small mint leaves;
calcium lactate 4.7 g;
a xanthan gum 0.8 g;
rum to taste.
Bath with alginate:
water 1000 ml;
sodium alginate 5 g.
Tools: blender, shaker, Madler, sieve.
Prepare the alginate bath. To do this, dissolve sodium alginate in water using an immersion blender.
Put the tub in the fridge for ventilation and hydration of the alginate.
Put mint and lime juice in a shaker. Use Madler to grind the mixture and release the essential oils.
Add sugar, rum and water, stir until sugar dissolves.
Pass the Mojito through a fine sieve.
Mix 180 g of Mojito with calcium lactate until the latter dissolves completely.
Add xanthan gum and place the mixture in the refrigerator to remove air.
Prepare a bath and a blank for the spheres.
Use 5 ml of measuring spoon to scoop the Mojito and gently dip it into the alginate bath. It is very important that the spheres do not touch, otherwise they will stick together.
Leave the orbs for 2 minutes to cook.
Using a special spoon, lift the spheres out of the bath.
Gently rinse in water and toss in a sieve.
For aerating of the spheres put them in a ISI siphon for cream.
Charge it with a carbon dioxide can (not with nitrogen dioxide).
Refrigerate for 2 hours.
Release the air from the siphon and open it. To avoid unplanned cleaning, do not attempt to open the siphon without observing this rule.
Serve immediately, garnish with zest and mint leaves.

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