Chocolate mousse of Chantilly

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chocolate bitter not less than 72% cocoa, 100 g;
cold water, 89 g (at the rate of 0.89 g of water per 1 g of chocolate);
ice, 400 g or more.
Weigh the chocolate.
We collect cold water.
Put the chocolate in a saucepan, pour water and put on medium heat. Do not allow to boil! The water just has to get hot enough to dissolve the chocolate. The most difficult thing in this recipe is to decide and add water to chocolate, because everyone knows that water is the enemy of chocolate! But not in molecular cuisine.
Turn off the heat and leave the melted chocolate on the stove to cool. And in the meantime, pour very cold water into a larger pot and pour the ice there.
Put in a pot of ice pan with melted chocolate and start whipping the mixture at medium speed mixer. The mixture squirts, so take it for chocolate a saucepan a little deeper. At first, nothing happens, the chocolate water remains quite liquid.
And suddenly – a miracle! A couple of revolutions of the mixer, and the cream begins to thicken right before your eyes. The main thing to stop in time: if you continue to beat on, the mass will be so thick that it will be possible to sculpt candy.
Spread the mousse in a cream bowl, pour the syrup and taste the result.

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